Yoshino is a Ptolemaic Army official and a villain and playable character in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Destroy The Tower

While training her soldiers, the Amadeus Syndicate deployed the Toschka Dalanue to attack them. The tower kills her soldiers, but Yoshino manages to take down the tower. Several Amadeus Robots then appear and self destruct in an attempt to kill her, but she is saved by Dragunov.

Another Story

Scrap Life

Because the Ptolemaic Army was short on supplies, Yoshino took part in an operation to gather more resources. The operation proved difficult, however, because of the Rebel Army.

Yoshino later discovered that the Rebel Army had allied with Abul Abbas and his Arabian Revolutionaries. She was spotted by Abul, but managed to defeat him before rendezvousing with Dragunov and Caroline to destroy the Rebel Army's Big Shiee.


Yoshino fought against the Red Goblin when he attacked the base. Seeing that the base was not that damaged, Yoshino realized that he must be there for Ptolemaios. She fought against him, but was ultimately defeated.


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