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Yoshitaka Nakabayashi is one of the protagonists in the anime and manga series He is My Master.

Character description

A very perverted fourteen-year-old boy with no other relatives and a boy who can't even clean his own room, fired all the previous servants in his mansion after inheriting his dead parent's enormous fortune, that was all left for him to use.

He is also known in the neighborhood as:

"A boy in the midst of puberty who inherited his parent's fortune and was living all by himself with no supervision and has surrounded himself with tender young girls in a huge mansion thus living out his fantasies and creating his own world of desire as he makes them serve him."


Yoshitaka being a pervert

True to the rumor, three girls named Izumi Sawatari, Mitsuki Sawatari, and Anna arrive to his mansion. Izumi and Mitsuki were searching for a job after they ran away from home due to their pet alligator Puchi. And Anna also joins due to her infatuation with Izumi. He basically starts his perversions by installing cameras all over the house, including the bathroom, and every day creates a uniform for them to work in. Whenever he does something perverted, Izumi would be the one to beat him up. He also acts like he's some sort of feminist, though he always blantantly lies. Whenever Izumi broke a valuable object, he would hold it over her head as a debt, and she would have to work until she paid her debt off. He is also despised in the show by his other classmates, because they believe that he flaunts his money. Izumi also hates him, but it's hinted that they care about each other in the final episodes of He is My Master, even going bankrupt and ending in the hospital. He also fought for the ownership of his mansion, but it was revealed to have all been a contest constructed by Mitsuki, and it seems like he's still an irredeemable pervert.