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The Young Man In Theatre is an unnamed minor character in the 2000 horror/comedy spoof film Scary Movie. The man (along with his wife) went at the movies to watch Shakespeare in Love. Unfortunatelly he could not watch the movie, as Brenda Meeks (who was there as well) was constantly disturbing. Flustrated, he joined other people and stabbed her with a knife.


At the movies, the man (along with his wife) are watching Shakespeare in Love. He is watching Brenda as she overreact, yelling she is scared about the scene, but another man admonishes her. He again looks at Brenda as she is yelling that character is not man, but woman wearing a wig, but before he can say anything, a woman turns irritated asking Brenda if she do mind. As killer (Doofus "Doofy" Gilmore) sits next to Brenda (who thinks that it is Ray), Brenda who is filming the movie tells "Ray" that he come back just in time as the character (woman) is about to get it on with Shakespeare, the young man yells at her to shut up but Brenda filmes him instead. He (as well as everyone present) is annoyed as Brenda's phone rings. Brenda answers the call, disturbing them even more. The man again yells at her to shut up, followed by an old lady but with no success. Eventually as the killer is about to kill Brenda, an older man grabs the knife and stabs Brenda. As she attempts to stand, the young man stands up and stabs her as well, angered he don't see the screen. He is followed by many other people (including a Policeman, who beats Brenda with his baton). Badly wounded Brenda manages to get up before screen, screaming. They all are tossing popcorn at her before she collapses and dies. As the public celebrates that they can finally watch now, the movie ends.


  • The young man is married as we can see his wedding band when he yells at Brenda the second time.

Behind the scenes

  • Ted Cole, the character's portrayer is credited as "Older Man In Theater", while Jim Shepard is credited as "Young Man In Theatre". This is obviously a goof.


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