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Priest, also known as Superfly, is a rich drug dealing gangster and the main protagonist villain of the 1972 blaxploitation crime drama movie Super Fly.

He was portrayed by the late Ron O'Neal.


Despite being good at heart, his selling of drugs, which hence has bad effects of the people who buy them, makes him a villain by definition. In the movie he also does bad things, like threatening his worker, Fat Freddie, his own pal, for coming short (to which he says later on, was nothing personal) with the organization's money.

He is a tragic villain in that he was forced into the way of drug-dealing as he reveals half-way into the movie. Despite all this, even though he still does questionable things, we see his transition to redemption in later scenes, as he develops a plan for him, his pals, and his girlfriend to escape the hood and the vicious cycle of drug dealing life which he has been trapped in since he was a youth.

We see him set up the racist police one by one, until he finally defeats them in the end, along with the mob who has his selling drugs. He ends up redeeming himself at the end.