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Villain Overview

I admit I haven't been truthful, when I said one-hundred was more like eighty-five.
~ Toguro to Yusuke in their final battle.

Younger Toguro (in Japanese: 戸愚呂弟, Toguro-otouto is a human turned (absolute strength class or a Kairin-like demon) demon and one of the main antagonists during the Dark Tournament arc of Yu Yu Hakusho. Once a great martial arts master and Genkai's lover, Toguro is psychologically scarred when a demon named Kairin kills all of the students at his dojo. Toguro and Genkai participate in the Dark Tournament and defeat Kairin in the final round. Toguro decides he does not want to age and lose his power, so as his prize for winning he asks to be turned into a demon. 50 years later he returns to the Dark Tournament, challenging Yusuke, hoping he has finally found a fighter worthy of his full 100% power.

He was voiced by Tesshō Genda in Japanese and by Dameon Clark in the English dub.


Toguro with his coat on.

Younger Toguro has a tall, tanned, muscular build that dwarfs nearly everyone around him. Toguro face's has flat black hair and a pointed chin, often wearing sunglasses to obscure his black eyes. He mainly wears a green coat, a black tank top, blue jeans, and black shoes, though the articles of clothing often rip or are removed as Toguro transforms further.

When unleashing more of his strength, Toguro's skin turns grey with a stone-like texture and visible veins. His shoulders also gained pointed growths coming out of them. He also grows taller.


Despite his stoic nature, Toguro has a relaxed and firm attitude. Although seemingly stern on the outside, Toguro is courageous, honest, loyal, and honorable when he needs to be. However, when in the presence of rule-breakers or those who are rude or dishonest, his more ruthless streaks come to light. Despite his role as an assassin, Toguro prefers not to kill if he can.

Powers and Abilities

Demon Physiology: Younger Toguro is a B-Class Demon but still retains his human body after being choose to become one.

  • Demon Energy Manipulation: As a demon, Younger Toguro can manipulate his demonic energy. The color is visible as purple with bits of blue mixed in.
    • Percentage Power: Toguro's signature is the ability regulate how much of his maximum power he releases, ranging from 0% to 100%. However, in the Dark Tournament in his final fight against Yusuke, as Yusuke goes to a full power reigun, he builds up to 100%. At full power, his appearance changes drastically, affecting even his skin color.
    • Demon Energy Pressure & Muscle Mass Enhancement: With each increase comes a burst of demon energy and his muscles thicken and enlarge themselves.
    • Soul Absorption: Younger Toguro requires to feed on souls to maintain such immense power, which leads him to suck out the souls of the weaker creatures in the surrounding area through special appendages on his upper back.
    • Enhanced Strength: With each increase, enhances his physical strength to the point he can rip Tarukane's demon pet, Helen, in half just by using 30% of his power.
    • Enhanced Speed: Despite each increase enhances the size of his muscles, Younger Toguro's speed also increases.
      • Flash Step: When increasing his power, Younger Toguro can run faster than any of his opponents eyes can follow, he demonstrated to the point he appeared behind Yusuke.
    • Finger Flip Bullets: Toguro uses this in order to unleash long-ranged death. All he has to do is simply flick a finger and a tiny burst of vacuum erupts from the action and leaves bullet-shaped holes in whatever it hits.
    • Deadly Arm Sweep: Toguro simply charges energy into his arm before lashing out with a backhanded sweeping gesture. This is enough to release a cutting energy wave, powerful enough to instantly kill any lower-class demon it contacts, or an energy bomb that explodes upon impact with considerable carnage inflicted as a result.
  • Semi-Immortality: As becoming demons the Toguro Brothers wished for, they can't age.
  • Master Assassin: The Toguro Brothers were hired by many as assassins due to their fame.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Younger Toguro stated he and his brother have excellent hearing.
  • Tranquil State: During the events, Younger Toguro was able to keep it together, even when about to impaled by Kuwabara's spirit sword or Yusuke's spirit-gun mega, he was able to stay relaxed even before dying.
  • Expert Swordsman: When Elder Toguro turned into a sword, Younger Toguro was able to display great sword skills.
  • Shield Proficiency: When Elder Toguro turned into a shield, Younger Toguro was able to show great skill in using for offense.
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: Younger Toguro has great skills in combat, he mostly uses punches to fight than relying on martial arts.


  • Toguro's muscular appearance became a popular Youtube Poop humor, especially to those which are made by Filipinos.

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