Yoyo Oo is one of the secondary antagonists of the 2016 Malaysian computer-animated film BoBoiBoy: The Movie, along with Gaga Naz and Kiki Ta. He is the scientist of the Tengkotak.

He was voiced by Anas Abdul Aziz.


He is the green Kubulus alien that has a helmet with four spheres inside that can considered to be his brains. He wears a blue outfit, and he seems to be wearing a visor.


Yoyo Oo can be seen along with the rest of the Tengkotak, as Bora Ra commanded him to release his robots to tighten Klamkabot, which Klamkabot used his power to teleport away.

He later be seen along with his entrance to Earth along with Gaga Naz and Bora Ra. Bora Ra didn't see any sign of Klamkabot, which he was realized that the signal was actually from Ochobot. The villains has successfully captured Ochobot and made their way to the floating island.

During their trip, Adu Du told that he and Probe are friends, which erupted the villains with laughter, with the exception of Kiki Ta. He told Adu Du and Probe that don't let the Kurita not to get wet, which they got dropped off in an ocean to enlarge the size of the squid. After their arrival, he released Ochobot to find Klamkabot.

A night later, after he found Klamkabot, he has an argument with Gaga Naz when he told him he has already checked the exits from the cave, but Bora Ra stopped them. He was forced by Bora Ra to release the J-Rex to get BoBoiBoy and co.

When Bora Ra has successfully captured Klamkabot, he began to acquire his power by torturing him, but he was already transferred it to Ochobot.

He along with Kiki Ta began to attack Adu Du, Probe and Papa Zola. They successfully captured them, but he was attacked by the tamed J-Rex, and later being tightened along with Gaga Naz and Kiki Ta. During the final battle, he claimed that Adu Du gave the fake coordinates, which led to Bora Ra's death. He was later being arrested by Cici Ko, which later revealed as Koko Ci.



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