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Yucko the Clown is an inter-series villain, who appears in many TV shows created by Roger Black and Waco O'Guin. He was originally a major character from the live-action sketch comedy series, The DAMN! Show, but has then since made many animated cameos in Brickleberry and Paradise P.D.

Yucko the Clown's character is a perverted clown, who hits on women, makes comments about their breasts, and usually says something offensive and stupid. However, he is also occasionally portrayed as a pedophile who rapes children.

He is portrayed by Roger Black in live-action and voiced by him in animation.



In "Two Weeks Notice", Yucko the Clown appeared, luring a group of children into his van so he could have sex with them. Later in the episode, Steve talked to a Catholic priest, who said that he was molested as a child. At the end of the session, the priest said that he had to go to his next job, as he donned the outfit of Yucko the Clown, proving that he was the rapist clown. This also suggests that the reason he molests children is because he was molested as a child, himself.

In "The Dam Show", Yucko drank a molotov cocktail and breathed fire in a mime's face.

In "The Comeback", Yucko starred in a circus-themed porno, where he made an elephant give nonconsensual anal sex to Woody.

In "Trailer Park", Denzel was at a rodeo with a judge, who he was trying to keep away from Brickleberry. When the judge started to realize what was going on, Denzel paid Yucko to knock the judge out cold with a mallet.

In "In Da Club", Yucko was at a mini-golf course, spinning his penis around as though it were a windmill. To make things worse, he was doing this in front of children.

Paradise P.D.

In "Task Force", Fitz said that ever since a traumatic experience he had as a child, he's been terrified of clowns. A flashback showed Fitz playing with a paper boat in the rain when the boat fell down a storm drain. When Fitz looks into the storm drain to find the boat, Yucko the Clown showed up behind him and exposed to him his uncircumcised penis, mentally scarring Fitz for life.


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