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Villain Overview

Come on, kids. Up into the Ferris wheel. There's room for everybody! Hey, it happened to me and I turned out alright.
~ Yucko the Clown

Yucko the Clown is an antagonist across various TV shows, first appearing as a major character in The DAMN! Show, but has then since made many animated cameos in Brickleberry and Paradise P.D..

Yucko the Clown's character is a perverted clown who hits on women, makes comments about their breasts, and usually says something offensive and stupid. He is also occasionally portrayed as a flaming anti-semite, an alcoholic drug addict, and a pedophile who rapes children.

He is portrayed and voiced by Roger Black.


The DAMN! Show

Yucko the Clown first appeared as a recurring sketch on The DAMN! Show, wherein he would walk around town at different towns and cities across the country and interview people by insulting them. His insults were generally very crude, profane, sexual remarks that more often than not exhibited racism, sexism, and homophobia. Aside from insulting people, Yucko would also celebrate being in the city by performing sexual acts on the landmarks.

The Howard Stern Show

Yucko the Clown made his first appearance on The Howard Stern Show on April 9th, 2007, after, a few days prior, running onto the Atlanta baseball field during a Braves vs. Mets game and running around for 30 seconds, holding a sign that said "Bring Howard Stern to Atlanta!" before promptly getting arrested by the cops.

When Yucko appeared on the show, he told everybody about how he was a birthday clown who performed for children. Yucko explained how parents didn't like him performing at parties because he was always taking his penis out in front of the kids, having sex with the cake, and blowing out the candles with his farts. Currently, he has a restraining order, preventing him from ever going near children or birthday parties ever again.

Yucko mentioned that he has a very long criminal record for all sorts of sick and twisted things including but not limited to; child molestation, DUIs, and sodomy with 11-year-olds, which landed him time in prison, which he later broke out of, leading him to where he is today. However, he did claim very proudly that he no longer molests kids anymore. Nowadays, all he ever does is drown them in bowls of fruit punch.

When Howard Stern told Yucko that his sexual endeavors with other males is gay, Yucko denied being gay and called him a "big-nosed Jew". Yucko was quick to go on a strongly bigoted rant, claiming that he hates several groups of people, including Muslims, Irishmen, Hispanics, gay men, women, Jewish people, Israelis, lesbians, African-Americans, Asians, Russians, Germans, mentally disabled people, and Native Americans, most of which he referred to as extremely offensive slurs. He'd later mention that the reason he hates Jewish people so much is because it was a Jewish lawyer who put him behind bars for child molestation all those years ago.

When it came time for Yucko the Clown to finally leave the show, he ran out of the recording room, screaming like a complete and total psychopath and shouting more obscenities about Jewish people. He'd later stand around outside of the studio, dancing around like an idiot in public, screaming more random insults and slurs against everybody before dropping to the ground and having a seizure.

In a future episode of The Howard Stern Show, Yucko the Clown returned for an interview, this time, accompanied by his wife, Nichole, who was actually a perfectly normal, fully-functioning, 27-year-old punk rockstar, who had better things to do with her life than be married to a mentally ill, drug-addicted, racist clown. Nichole said that she only married him because she was drunk and Yucko made himself look like a complete jerk. After much insight to their horrendous marriage, it was pretty much unanimously agreed upon by everyone that Yucko and Nichole were not meant to be together and should just break it off.


Yucko the Clown made his first animated appearance in the Brickleberry episode, "Two Weeks Notice", where he appeared luring a group of children into his van so he could have sex with them. Ethel Anderson slammed him against his van and Yucko claimed that he was molested as a child, himself and turned out just fine. Later in the episode, Steve talked to an Irish-Catholic priest, who told Steve Williams that the only way for him to get into Heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as his lord and savior and start doing nice things for people other than himself, or else he'd spend an eternity in Hell. At the end of the session, the priest said that he had to go to his next job, as he donned the outfit of Yucko the Clown, proving that he was the rapist clown and also a huge hypocrite for telling Steve to be a better person.

In "The Dam Show", Yucko drank a molotov cocktail and breathed fire in a mime's face.

In "The Comeback", Yucko starred in a circus-themed porno, where he made an elephant give nonconsensual anal sex to Woody Johnson.

In "Trailer Park", Denzel Jackson was at a rodeo with a judge, who he was trying to keep away from Brickleberry. When the judge started to realize what was going on, Denzel paid Yucko to knock the judge out cold with a mallet.

In "In Da Club", Yucko was at a mini-golf course, spinning his penis around as though it were a windmill. To make things worse, he was doing this in front of children.

Paradise P.D.

Like with Brickleberry, Yucko the Clown appeared as a recurring animated character in the Netflix original, Paradise PD. In "Task Force", Gerald Fitzgerald said that ever since a traumatic experience he had as a child, he's been terrified of clowns. A flashback showed Fitz playing with a paper boat in the rain when the boat fell down a storm drain. When Fitz looks into the storm drain to find the boat, Yucko the Clown showed up behind him and exposed to him his uncircumcised penis, mentally scarring Fitz for life, in a clear reference to Pennywise from the 2017 reboot of It.

In "Blind Drunk", Karen Crawford went temporarily blind and drove a school bus through a field of random props from previous episodes. One of these props was Yucko the Clown, who she violently slammed into and sent him flying into the air.


  • Yucko claimed to be from Coney Island, when he first appeared on The Howard Stern Show.
  • In the Brickleberry episode 'Two Weeks Notice', it was revealed that out of costume, Yucko the Clown is actually an Irish Catholic Priest and he leads a double life in his church's confessional giving advice to penitents on how to be good people, which is very hypocritical of him, considering his second life.


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