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Yuga Khan is one of the five overarching antagonists (alongside the Great Evil Beast, Empty Hand, Perpetua and Krona) of the DC Comics Universe. He is by far the most powerful and most feared New God of the Fourth World. He is the first tyrannical ruler of the hellish planet of Apokolips and the father of both Drax who would become the Infinity Man and Uxas who would become Darkseid. Most recently, he was one of the beings empowering Shazam during "Darkseid War".



Before the Fourth World is fully formed Yuga Khan alongside his wife Heggra and their sons Uxas and Drax ruled Apokolips with iron hands becoming one of the most feared empires in the universe but for him that wasn't enough. Yuga Khan was obsessed with becoming the most powerful being in the Universe and mold it to his image, another subsequent obsession was to find out the reason for its existence as well as other New Gods and to obtain that answer he tried for centuries to unravel the mysteries of The Source.

New 52 Origin

In the New 52, Yuga Khan is the last of the Old Gods, father to Izaya and Uxas. He is the wielder of the Anti-Life which he seeks to use to resurrect the deceased Old Gods slain by his son. Ultimately Izaya and Uxas join forces against their father when he decides to slay the New Gods as a means to prevent the Old Gods from ever dying. Uxas murders him before he could kill Izaya.

Major Story Arcs

Imprisioned in the Source Wall

His search after the absolute knowledge caused him into conflict with Izaya that was trying to promote a peace treaty with Apokolips. Izaya warned Yuga Khan that this knowledge would be his ruin and destruction and he replied to such warning with a simple slap and then goes to the Promethean Galaxy due to rumors that The Source could be found there and when he found it he ended up imprisoned within the Source wall.

As a result his wife Heggra became ruler of Apokolips and ordered Desaad kill Uxa's wife Suli believing the love makes him weak. That in turn made Uxas kill his own brother to take the Omega Force and became Darkseid. Later he forced Desaad to poison his mother so he can ascend to the throne of Apokolips claiming that Khan was the past and he is the future. During the millennium that was imprisoned,Yuga Khan impotently watched these events while trapped.

Rule Apokolips again and return to the Source Wall

After a colossal effort Yuga Khan was able to break free of his prison in the Source Wall. The energies released could be felt throughout the Promethean Galaxy and cause the universe itself to shake. Yuga found himself weak and to replenish his powers he absorbed the life force of the planet known as Velos and its inhabitants thus destroying the planet. After that he did the same thing with millions of other worlds he passed until he reached Apokolips. His return to Apokolips made ​​everyone tremble before his presence, even Darkseid feared him. Yuga Khan onfronted his own son about Heggra's murder. Darkseid tries to destroy him with the Omega Beams, which have no effect on him. He then uses his powers to control the matter around Darkseid and holds him in Apokolips underground. After confronted, Desaad swore loyalty to him but was eventually disintegrated. Once again Yuga Khan ruled Apokolips as he forced the whole army of his planet to work double to build more weapons of war.

Shortly after he cut the influence of The Source over Apokolips and New Genesis, rendering Boom Tubes, Mother Box and others technologies inoperative. A fleet from New Genesis was assembled to counter the threat of Yuga Khan. They invaded Apokolips but were easily overpowered by Yuga alone and their leader Commander Gideon was killed in action. Motivated again by his obsession with the Source, Yuga Khan walked to the Source. Highfather tries to communicate with The Source to stop him but he had his powers blocked by Khan. Turning himself into a being of primal energy, he enters the Source Wall, but once again is imprisoned and became one of the Celestial Giants trapped there.

Once again he watches as his son ascends the throne and becomes the ruler of Apokolips.

New 52

Darkseid War

Winding up within the source were all gods go upon their deaths, Khan sought to escape his imprisonment within the divine afterlife and carve his bloody swath across creation as the God of Evil once again. However, he would need a means of escape back into the living universe one which would represent itself in his patricidal son Darkseid

Powers and Abilities

New God Physiology

The beings of Apokolips call themselves gods and live in a realm called the Fourth World which is outside normal space and time. Their strength is due to their relative proximity to the Source, an energy which fuels the powers of the beings in Apokolips. The inhabitants of New Genesis are far more stronger, faster, smarter and are said to be immortal. Yuga Khan is the most powerful of them all.

  • Supernatural Strength: From all New Gods that existed he proved to be the most strongest, able to overcome Darkseid strength and also capable of crushing planets in his grip and escaping from the Source Wall, while extremely weakened which should be impossible because all other Elder Gods are still imprisoned there. He can also take on the entire armies of New Genesis and Apokolips all by himself.
  • Supernatural Mobility: Yuga Khan can fly through space/hyperspace at speeds far greater than that of light. To reach The Source Wall, he travel so fast that broke the barriers of reality. Upon his return he was too fast to be tracked down by Lar Gand despite him having to stop and consume the life force from planets to empower himself.
  • Supernatural Reflexes: Yuga Khan was able to drain the life force from worlds so fast he couldn't be tracked by a scout moving at speeds in excess of light.
  • Supernatural Stamina: Due to his New God physiology, Yuga Khan doesn't get tired and therefore has limitless stamina in all physical activities.
  • Supernatural Senses: For being an Elder God, Yuga Khan possess his senses at almost incomparable levels, but after enter and exit of the Source, the senses may have been further enhanced, maybe have Cosmic Awareness.
  • Invulnerability: As a New God, Yuga Khan is resistant to most form of physical and energy based attacks. An attack by the fleet of New Genesis failed to hurt him and even the Omega Beams proved to be useless against him.
  • Immortality: As a New God Yuga Khan has an extended lifespan which allows him to exist indefinitely, he doesn't age, wither or degrade, he is able to turn his body in primal energy, even if his body is destroyed it may still exist in his energetic form indefinitely.
  • Immunity: New Gods have an advanced immune system, which allows him to survive on Apokolips environmental (which is full of diseases and toxins) and be immune to toxin and diseases from other planets, he proved to be able to survive the toughest environments in the Universe, such as the Hyperspace.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Like all New Gods, Yuga Khan can recover from any damage much faster than any average human being.
  • Flight: Yuga Khan is capable of flight under his own power, despite his enormous size.
  • Size Alteration: As a New God, Yuga Khan is roughly the size of a Promethean Giant, beings so large they could hold planets in their palms. He is able to change his size to better suit his natural environment for convenience such as Apokolips.
  • Energy Manipulation: His most dangerous ability is manipulate the power of The Source, for various types of effects, as well as manipulate other types of existing energy. Yuga Khan isn't only capable of manipulating energy but also absorb it and also drain the life force of planets and its inhabitants. To increase his powers he can use that energy as a blast capable of destroying planets. When he escaped the Source Wall, the energy he released could be felt throughout the entire Promethean Galaxy while the shockwaves trembled throughout the universe. In his last appearance, he transform his body into primal energy to enter in the Source.
  • Matter Manipulation: Yuga Khan is able to transmute and manipulate matter at will. When he returned to Apokolips, he controlled the planet's structures to arrest his son.
  • Life Force Manipulation: Yuga Khan can manipulate the life forces of individuals, draining them or using this to amplify his own powers.
  • Resurrection: Yuga Khan is capable of raising the dead.
  • Eye Beams: With a single blast Yuga Khan incinerated Desaad into nothing but ashes.
  • Power Negation: Yuga is so powerful he can turn off Darkseid's Omega Effect as well as prevent him from resurrecting Desaad.
  • Source Manipulation: Yuga Khan can manipulate the Source for various purposes.
  • Reality Warping: By being able to manipulate the Source, Yuga Khan can warp reality to a high degree such that Desaad tried to escape only to end up in Darkseid's throne room again where he wanted to get away from, this having been done with a casual thought.

Old God Physiology

Before the beginning of the fourth world at the hands of his malevolent son Uxas, Khan boasted many abilities affiliated with the titanic beings of the old world. Being the very first Old God of evil long before Darksied's own ascent into the role not to mention the first user of Anti-Life, Yuga Khan might well have been one of, if not the most powerful of Old Gods in existence.

  • Supernatural Strength:
  • Supernatural Mobility:
  • Supernatural Reflexes:
  • Supernatural Stamina:
  • Supernatural Senses:
  • Invulnerability:
  • Immortality:
  • Immunity:
  • Regenerative Healing Factor:

Torment Sanction

The precursor to his son's own evil power The Omega Sanction, Khans own abilities enables him power and ability even more vastly powerful and malevolent than that of his offspring or any other god.

  • Source Manipulation: Perhaps his greatest power by far was Yuga Khan's capacity to manipulate the Source of all things for various purposes.
  • Matter Manipulation: Yuga Khan is able to transmute and manipulate matter at will, conjuring up an energized sword to do battle with both Shazam's.
  • Power Negation: Be it an effect of his sanction or the ALE (anti-life equation) Yuga is so powerful he can turn off the stolen divine powers bestowed upon his sons Darkseid and Highfather or most other gods Old or New, preventing either from using their god powers against him.
  • Divine Siphon: Yuga Khan can steal the powers of various other deities in order to empower himself beyond imagining.
  • Flight: Yuga Khan under his own power is capable of self-propelled flight.
  • Size Alteration: As an Old God; who is considerably much, much larger than appearances would perceive. Zonuz is able to change his size to better suit his natural environment for convenience only coming to his full size when he was in deep battle and needed an advantage.

Anti-Life Equation

Legend was that in the past the Khan once held the full power of the Anti-Life Equation within his person. With it he could wield incredibly destructive forces revolving around hopelessness and oblivion as well as unleash it at his leisure. Bringing the dead back to life as he did with the host of old gods Uxas had killed, apparently suppressing the new divine powers bestowed upon the two godlings through its use, enslave the minds of others as per it's natural function; giving him complete control over any being he sets it upon and cause bodily functions to deteriorate them, as though the body itself had failed them. Along with a great many many more horrific things were within his capability through its use.


Yuga Khan has thousands of years of experience in all form of armed and unarmed combat, strategy and diplomacy. Combined with his powers, he is practically invincible. He was also responsible for the training of Uxas and Drax his sons as well as the Apokoliptan army.

Personal Data

Yuga Khan is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He is the one being in all of existence whom even Darkseid fears; during the short time he assumed control of Apokolips, Darkseid fled and hid from him. He is virtually invulnerable to harm, can fly through space and hyperspace at incredible speeds. He can wield and project extraordinary amounts of energy, enough to destroy planets. Yuga Khan can also drain the energy from living beings and planets into himself.


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