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Yugoloths (also known as Daemons) are a hostile race of Fiends from the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing multiverse - they are normally designed for high-level adventurers but come in many different forms and levels, some of which are near-godlike in threat while, in contrast, the weakest Yugoloths are capable of being defeated by mid-to-low tier mortal adventurers.


Yugoloths are Neutral Evil Fiends who manipulate the never-ending wars between the Lawful Evil Devils and Chaotic Evil Demons - as well as the wars and conflicts of other races, they are not concerned with the destruction or over-all conquest of the multiverse so much as personal gain and thus see all things as capable of being exploited.

Yugoloths tend to be both calculating and opportunistic by nature, always ready to snatch up a chance to gain power or influence for itself while also being willing to hire itself out to those that seek its "aid" : often Yugoloths will earn a living as mercenaries, assassins or spies for any who gives them what they desire.

Due to this strong desire for manipulation and self-centred "trade" Yugoloths often act as traders with Night Hags - who have the unique ability to elevate Yugoloths into even more powerful beings known as Altraloths.

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