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Yukan no Shonen (Japanese: 幽管の少年) is a minor antagonist in the horror puzzle video game Fancy Island. He is an enemy who creates puzzles to prevent Mimi from proceeding.


Yukan no Shonen is shown to be polite and friendly towards visitors. However, he does enjoy getting in people's way by preventing them from proceeding until they solve one of his puzzles.

Powers and Abilities

  • Intelligence: Yukan no Shonen is possesses high intelligence. He has the ability to create puzzles that can be difficult to solve.


In one of the pages in Fancy Island, Mimi encounters Yukan No Shonen with one of his puzzles. In this puzzle, Yukan no Shonen tells Mimi how to play Jan Ken Pon/Rock Paper Scissors. To get pass this puzzle, Mimi needs to input the correct sequence of rock, paper, and scissors. If the correct code is inputted, Mimi can proceed. Inputting the incorrect code will block Mimi from advancing to the next page.

In another page, Yukan no Shonen gets in Mimi's way again, but this time with a different puzzle. Mimi needs to input all the numbers from all of the red cards within the puzzle in order to proceed. If Mimi gets it right, she can proceed to the next page, if not, she will be blocked from advancing.


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