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Yukinori Shinohara is an anti-heroic antagonist in the manga/anime series Tokyo Ghoul and a minor character in its sequel series Tokyo Ghoul:re. Although he's not evil, Shinohara works for the C.C.G. in wiping out the ghoul race and even helped Kureo Mado kill Touka's father, Arata.

He was voiced by Yutaka Nakano in the Japanese version, and Brandon Potter in the English version of the anime.


He is a middle-aged man with short black hair and a short beard. He is mainly seen in the C.C.G. investigator suit. After he went into his coma, he became emaciated while his hair turned grey.


Shinohara is considered a "father to his men" as he cares deeply for all of his fellow investigators and always puts their well-beings ahead of his own. He is often kind to other people and is well-liked by the other investigators. On top of this, he also very reasonable as he became a father figure to Juuzou Suzuya even after hearing the reports that he was raised by ghouls and has unstable and violent tendencies to cause trouble. His undying loyalty to his co-workers is an aspect that makes him very admired by the C.C.G. and even Kuzen Yoshimura.

In battle, he is normally calm while fighting ghouls and always tends to take out his enemies quickly to avoid unpredictable outcomes. This attitude does have limits given how he doesn't kill Ayato when he's at his mercy and hesitates after seeing him broken down by just seeing his quinque (made from Ayato's father, Arata) and becoming very weak to fight back. Shinohara later would see a partial difference that not all ghouls were evil after he found out that Yoshimura was the Owl (Non-killing Owl) and even thought that the two might have been close friends if they met on different circumstances.


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