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We're humanity's last hope, we can't lose.
~ Yukio to Lisa and Daniel.
That was for my buddies!
~ Yukio while fighting Lisa and Daniel.

Yukio is a minor antagonist and a sub-boss of the The House of the Dead lll. He was a AMS commando and a member of Thomas Rogan's secret division. He was also a former partner of Captain Dan Taylor himself.


Chapter 0 - Reminiscence

When Rogan receive word that the EFI Research Facility was the source of the worldwide zombie outbreak, Rogan and his secret division team, Dan Taylor, Yukio, and other commandos, to infiltrate the facility, hoped to stop the outbreak and the Wheel of Fate.

However, they were attacked and killed by the zombies, being overwhelmed by the zombie horde, leaving Rogan, Dan and Yukio the last three survivors of the team. But later, Yukio got separated from Rogan and Dan. Yukio then gets bitten by one of the zombies deep in to his shoulder and spilling blood over the floor.

Rogan and Dan shooting off the zombies that were about to eat Yukio, they found his corpse on the floor, Rogan saying he and Dan are the only ones left of the team before heading to the Wheel of Fate.

Chapter 5 - Wheel of Fate

When Lisa finally found her father and heading to the lab to stop the Wheel of Fate, she and Daniel approaches Yukio's fallen body remained turning into a zombie. Daniel tells him he's not here to fight, Yukio then said "We are humanity's last hope, we can't lose."

Lisa and Daniel fighting off Yukio, whose taking a lot of damage unlike the other zombie commandos, but he was eventually put down by Lisa and Daniel.


  • Superhuman Speed: Like many other commandos, he is shown to have super speed, and able to do a spinning kick.
  • Skilled with knives: He is shown to be a combatant at knives.
  • Regeneration: Unlike most other zombies in the game, he is able to regenerate himself.
  • Ability to speak: Yukio seemed to have gained an ability to speak English in a deep, monstrous voice.





  • It is not known where Yukio's handgun along with its holster is given it is present in chapter 0 but not in final fight.
  • In most console and arcade version, Yukio is able to regenerate himself up to five times. In Wii version, however, he fights the players without regenerating himself, making it easier to end the fight.


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