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Yukishiro Enishi is the brother-in-law of Himura Kenshin and a main villain of Rurouni Kenshin.

in live action movie , he was portrayed by Mackenyu Arata


Japanese English
Nozumu Sasaki Bill Wise



Enishi was just a baby when his mother died, leaving the task of raising him up to his older sister, Tomoe and she became very dear to him. After his sister was engaged to Kiyosato Akira, Enishi accepted it, though reluctantly, since he made her happy. But after Kiyosato joined the Mimawarigumi and was killed by Himura Kenshin, Tomoe left Enishi to seek revenge, joining forces with a group of spies working for the Shogunate. He became miserable and was determined to bring her back. Enishi eventually aided the same group of spies that Tomoe had been working with, who’d been tracking her and Battosai. Enishi was sent to where they lived, much to Tomoe’s shock and she introduced him to Kenshin, who was now her husband. He left them alone to talk and Tomoe said she was very glad to see Enishi, then asked when he left Edo and how their father was doing. He said he didn’t know since he’d headed after her a year ago when she left Kyoto. This prompted Tomoe to ask Enishi where he was staying and how he knew were to find her since she hadn’t contacted any outside sources. He said that she didn’t have to contact anyone since he was the contact, telling her it was time to cast Tenchu on the Battosai, much to Tomoe’s shock. Enishi asked why she was surprised since the leader of the Shogunate spies already told her. However, Tomoe told him to go home since as the oldest son of the Yukishiro family, he shouldn’t stain his hands in matters like this. Enishi said he didn’t care about the family and he wanted to help Tomoe, but she told him again to go home. He asked what happened and why she wouldn’t come home with him, then demanded to know why she was protecting the Battosai since he was her enemy. Enishi left, though angry at Kenshin, but the Shogunate spies began to try and kill the former Battosai. Hearing the explosions, Enishi ran towards the battleground, fearing Tomoe’s safety and saw Kenshin kill Tomoe as she got in the way as he fought Tatsumi. This made him snap and the grief and stress of his loss made Enishi’s hair turn white. He appeared before Kenshin one last time before he sailed to Shanghai, where he had to endure sickness, starvation and near death. However, Enishi was found by a Japanese family, who took him in, giving him food and medical care and allowing him to stay alive. However, he slaughtered the family and took their valuables from them so he wouldn’t worry about money for awhile. He also discovered a book on Watojutsu, which he would use to teach himself the style. He went on to rise to the top of Chinese mafia and became the biggest weapon dealer in the country.

Beginning the Jinchu

10 years after leaving Japan, Enishi returned from Shanghai, arriving in Osaka harbor. He went to his sister’s grave where he was met by Gein, who told him about Kenshin’s recent activities. The two left for Tokyo, where Enishi met Kujiranami Hyōgo, who asked who he was and when he didn’t respond, the one-armed man told him to get lost if he had no businesses with him. Enishi said Gein was looking for lodging for six and he’d requested a fine hotel for the first meeting they’d have. Kujiranami realized Enishi was the one Gein had hinted about and Enishi said his work had prevented him from leaving Shanghai, but he had masterminded and funded the whole plan. Enishi asked him how Akabeko (where Kujiranami had just been) was and he responded it was a nice place. Enishi asked if they should call this off, but he said no and Enishi gave him a specially designed Armstrong cannon for his arm stump. He said it was getting windy and the distance was barely within the limit, wondering if Kujiranami would fail, but the one-armed man declared he wouldn’t. As he prepared to fire at the Akabeko, Enishi said that he was counting on him and told him to ignite the fire that signaled the beginning of revenge. Kujiranami fired, blowing the Akabeko to bits and Enishi congratulated him on a good job. The two went to a mansion Gein had rented, which Enishi was pleased with, especially since it was in Yokohama. Kujiranami said he didn’t care where they were and he thought it was time Enishi revealed his name. Enishi just responded that he’d say his name when the others arrived, just as they showed up, Inui Banjin and Otowa Hyōko. He welcomed them all, saying there was only one of them left and Inui said a man who couldn’t show up couldn’t be trusted. Gein said he was told to come tonight but at no specific time and Enishi noted that was sloppy, but then the missing member, Yatsume Mumyōi, made himself known from the room above them. Enishi noted he had a unique room preference and said it didn’t matter that he didn’t want to reveal himself, that it was enough that all who sought revenge against the Battosai had gathered. Enishi said they were the “Six Comrades” and Otowa asked if he couldn’t think of a better name. Enishi responded he didn’t care about names and they’d be opponents again soon enough, before telling them that the Battosai now lived under the name “Kenshin.” Enishi went on to say that they would not have true revenge if they killed him while he said he was Kenshin. He said that they had to make the former Battosai recognize the crimes of his past and they could then disband so they could each have a shot at finishing him off. Yatsume asked what the strategy was to which Enishi responded that he had something in mind and instead of him dictating to all of them, they would have equal responsibilities. After explaining the plan to them, Enishi sent them off and Gein congratulated him on manipulating the others into helping to get rid of the Battosai. Enishi said he appreciated Gein’s cooperation, but the puppet master told him not to bother since he was uninterested in killing the Battosai. Enishi agreed and said death was a moment of suffering that would not ease his hatred or his sister’s regrets and that he’d plunge Kenshin into the living hell he’d suffered. After his allies had their first encounters with Kenshin and his allies, Enishi went to confront him. The former Battosai was shocked upon seeing his brother-in-law, even crying out Tomoe’s name and Enishi asked him if he thought he was looking at the ghost of Tomoe. He said that his sister was always with him, but Kenshin had no right to lay eyes on her. The former Battosai asked Enishi if he was the one behind all that had been going on, to which he inquired if Kenshin even had to ask. Enishi explained that he’d sailed to Shanghai 11 years ago, turning his back on the Japan Kenshin and his comrades had created. Enishi said that he’d survived by drinking from mud puddles and eating carcasses and suffered constantly from disease, almost dying many times. What kept him alive was his desire to avenge his sister and kill Kenshin. Enishi continued, explaining that as 11 years went by, he’d managed to crawl up from the gutter to become head of the Shanghai mafia and controller of China’s weapons market. Enishi explained that he’d supplied all of his allies with their unique weapons, as well as Shishio Makoto’s ironclad battleship. Kenshin said it was understandable that Enishi wanted to avenge his sister’s death, but that he had no right to endanger innocents. Enishi just responded that his justice had to be dispensed on everyone close to Kenshin, anyone who'd exchanged words with him, and the Japan he created with his bloody sword. Enishi said that Japan without his sister was a crime unto itself, but Kenshin said though Tomoe might wish for revenge, she didn’t want murder. Enraged, Enishi roared at him not to speak his sister’s name or he’d bring ten battleships to Tokyo Bay to reduce Tokyo to a sea of flames. However he said Tomoe liked quiet moments, which is why he’d selected the others and if Kenshin objected to that, then he wouldn’t mind making all of Tokyo their target. Enishi went on to say that the first part of their battle was over and the main battle would commence 10 days from now at the Kamiya Dojo. As he turned to leave, Enishi said at that time, Kenshin would then see that he was more than a weapon’s dealer. Kenshin called out and asked if there was any means besides fighting that could make amends for his killing Tomoe. Enishi said the former Battosai was truly an incorrigible fool and if he had to answer, he’d say “suffer.” He met up with his allies back at the mansion and Otowa and Kujiranami weren’t pleased with his decision to make the fight 10 days from now. Enishi said their next strike was at Kenshin and his allies’ headquarters and not even the most passive man would pull his punches. He went on to say that it didn’t matter if Kenshin was alone or with his allies, the full strength Battosai was a legendary force, and it would be an all-out war when they battled. Enishi said he’d decided some more help was in order and had called some of his best men in from Shanghai, but it’d take 10 days for them to arrive. Kujiranami said that was contradictory since they’d agreed that when they fought, this would become a free for all. Enishi was later approached by Yatsume, who asked him what he was planning and what Gein was working on in the basement (where he couldn’t get to since there was no ceiling space for him to crawl in). Enishi responded that he wasn’t going to yell it up there, but Yatsume could come down and meet him face to face. Yatsume said he had no intention of getting in his way, but told Enishi not to get in his way because he would kill the Battosai. Enishi thought to himself that he and Gein agreed on methods, but their goals were different. He went on to say he didn’t need anyone, not as long as he had Tomoe with him.. Soon, 9 days remained and Enishi noticed Gein returning to the house, prompting him to ask the puppet master where he went so early. Gein responded that he’d run out of ingredients so he got some new ones and Enishi told him there was no need to hurry. He said that he’d let Kenshin remain in anguish for a while longer. Enishi then thought to himself that the former Battosai took happiness and life from Tomoe and his sister from him, so Kenshin’s suffering was his joy.

Assaulting Kamiya Dojo

On the day of the battle, Enishi gave his comrades upgraded weapons, telling them to use them as much as they wanted. He noted the sun was setting and said it was time to finish the Jinchu. Deciding to make an entrance, Enishi and his comrades set off fireworks and flew in on hot air balloons. As Kujiranami leapt from the balloon to attack the Battosai, Gein asked Enishi if it was alright for him to do that. Enishi said to let him do what he wanted as reward working for them up to now. He watched as Kenshin struck down Kujiranami and noted that it seemed there was no more hesitation to fight. The rest of the Six Comrades joined the fight as Enishi watched, noting the fight would be decided by the Battosai and how he determined his move here. Enishi told Gein he’d leave it to him for now and the puppet master revealed his Iwanbo version three. Kenshin eventually demanded that Enishi fight him himself after cutting off one of the arms of Gein’s robot. He responded by telling the former Battosai he was in no position to order him around and he would cast down the judgment of Jinchu. Enishi said he was the one controlling the situation and told Kenshin to face the opponent in front of him. He went on to say that he’d come down when there was no one else to fight. Sanosuke cried out that Enishi better be able to back up his words, but he responded that even without his cheesy posturing, he’d come down when he said he would. He continued to watch the fight, until all of the Six Comrades were defeated and went to the ground. Enishi asked Gein if he was alright and he responded it was quite safe in his Iwanbo suit. Enishi said that was good so he could focus on the Jinchu, before approaching Kenshin. He asked the former Battosai if he had no doubts about fighting and Kenshin said he had countless, but he’d search for a way to pay for his crimes. Enishi said he’d prepared the former Battosai’s penance and he’d chosen the most cruel form of it. But before that, he’d have Kenshin experience the pain of the wound he’d slashed into Tomoe’s body and Enishi said it was time to complete Jinchu. He reminded Kenshin that he’d told him he would show him a strength different from mafia and drew his unique sword. As Enishi prepared to fight, Kenshin said he should take off his glasses, but he responded he wouldn’t let the former Battosai land one blow. They began fighting and Enishi asked Kenshin if he was just gauging him and why he didn’t use some of his sword techniques. Enishi demonstrated one of his Watojutsu moves and explained that the style was a new form of kenjutsu perfected on China with the taichi brought from Japan. Enishi explained the history of it and said playtime was over, asking Kenshin why he didn’t use his Hiten-Mitsurgi style. The former Battosai said Enishi should take off his glasses since one mistake could cause blindness. However Enishi asked if Kenshin was underestimating him or overestimating himself, but the former Battosai responded that he was fighting to stop him, not harm him. Enishi noted it took awhile for Kenshin to come aflame and until he got serious, he’d entertain himself with a little story before attacking again. Enishi told the former Battosai about the Japanese family who took him in in Shanghai and went on to ask why would he murder them all. He gave three motivations, first, they resisted, second, he was a psychopath, or third, after losing his sister, the sight of a happy family was unbearable. Kenshin told Enishi to stop talking but he went on to say the answer was three and the former Battosai used his Ryukansen. Enishi noted his flame was growing and used another Watojutsu technique, stabbing his opponent’s arm. He went on to say he couldn’t bear it when he found out what had become of Kenshin as he turned his attention to Kaoru. The former Battosai said this was a battle between the two of them and Enishi would be stopped here and they resumed fighting. After being hit by the Kuzu Ryusen, Enishi said he wanted Kenshin to have this degree of power within him. He went on to say if the former Battosai was extremely weak, that would make him a less-than-nothing weakling. Enishi told Kenshin it was time to end this and the former Battosai said his grudge against him was not wrong, but the way he’d lived for the past 15 years was. They faced off as Enishi saw the image of Tomoe smiling and asked Kenshin if, in his mind, she was smiling on him. The former Battosai responded that he believed she would smile when the fight was over before they attacked each other. Kenshin used his Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki and Enishi used his Watojutsu Kofuku Zettosei. The former Battosai was heavily wounded while Enishi was also harmed and he noted if he’d been an instant slower, it would’ve been a draw. He thanked Gein for being hit by the attack earlier so he knew how to deal with it. After Saito figured out how Enishi’s move had let him avoid the Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki, he congratulated the former Shinsengumi on determining all that. However he said it was much simpler, the important part was that his sister smiled on him. Enishi revealed that he’d actually wanted to render Kenshin immobile so he could begin the true Jinchu. He approached Kaoru, saying killing the former Battosai would not appease his sister or himself and now it was his turn to take away the person most important to Kenshin to plunge him into a living hell. As the rest of Kenshin’s allies stood against Enishi, he said they were annoying and told all of them but Kaoru to step away. He noticed Kenshin getting back up and Enishi told him to just stay down, but the former Battosai punched him in the face. Kenshin said he wouldn’t allow that and Enishi started to say the more he heated up to protect Kaoru, the harder her loss would hit the former Battosai. But Enishi was hit in the stomach by Kenshin who said he wouldn’t lay one finger on Kaoru. He responded by saying he would bring down Jinchu no matter what and they continued to attack each other. Enishi was brought to his knees by Kenshin, who said he would gladly take any Jinchu he had after Enishi had learnt the truth of the situation an still wanted vengeance. But Kujiranami attacked the former Battosai and Enishi said he never thought a false comrade would be so useful. He went on to say it seemed like the heaves had sided with his Jinchu and Kenshin told him to stop. Enishi simply walked away and said it would be over in 4 or 5 minutes, telling the former Battosai not to let Kujiranami kill him. He confronted Kaoru, telling her she’d be sacrificed here and said if they fought, the result would be obvious. Kaoru said she couldn’t give up so easily to which Enishi responded that he had no choice and grabbed her from behind. He then took her prisoner and left a doll behind that Gein had created to look and seem just like a dead Kaoru, which Enishi stabbed a sword into. After Kenshin defeated Kujiranami and ran to help Kaoru, but Enishi appeared and the former Battosai demanded to known what he did to Kaoru. He just responded the answer she was looking for was inside the dojo and as Kenshin went inside to see the doll, Enishi’s plan worked since it crushed the former Battosai’s spirits.

Setting the Stage for the Final Battle

Enishi left with Gein, bringing Kaoru to a mansion on an island the Chinese mafia used to transport goods into Tokyo. After she woke up, Enishi approached her, telling her there was no use trying to escape since the closest island was 20 kilometers away and the water was infested with the sharks. Enishi also told her the bay was surrounded by cliffs and the only way off the island was a relay boat that arrived once a week. Enishi said he'd send Kaoru back to Tokyo eventually and when she asked him how long that was, he said not too long (but was thinking it’d be after the Battosai rotted to death). Kaoru asked why Enishi didn’t kill her but he just said it was something he didn’t have to explain to her. Gein approached him, saying it wasn’t something you should tell someone casually and told him he’d be leaving on the next boat to Tokyo. Enishi thought to himself that with the Jinchu complete, he needed to take care of Gein before he gave away anything. Later on, Enishi’s second in command, Woo Heishin arrived, who said he’d come to make sure Enishi didn’t forget his promise. Enishi noted he was very suspicious, which was exactly like him and said he hadn’t forgotten the deal, in exchange for his using the weapons dealing organization’s resources for his personal battle, he’d give control to Heishin. Enishi went on to say that once the affair was over he had no attachments or interests in the organization. Heishin said he was relieved to hear that and told Enishi to tell him of any needs he had. Enishi was about to give him a job, but Heishin said that he’d put 30 marital artists on the ship taking Gein back to Tokyo to take care of him. Enishi said he was always impressed by Heishin’s thoughtfulness and after he left, Enishi though to himself that it was almost over. However, the image of his sister he’d always seen wasn’t smiling anymore, which shocked him, just as Kaoru was about to attack him. Enishi asked why she had that expression and turned to Kaoru, thinking it was because she was alive. He attempted to strangle her, but he began experiencing pain since Enishi had developed a mental condition after seeing his sister’s death. Even if his mind wanted to, his body couldn’t kill any young women since he saw some of his sister in them. Later on, Kaoru brought Enishi a meal and he asked what was the meaning of this. She just said it took the same effort to make a meal for two as one, before telling him he better eat it and Enishi remembered his sister, before tasting the food and noted it tasted horrible. Some time later, he was practicing his fighting skills and Kaoru, who was watching him, said she was surprised he could move so much and she probably shouldn’t have fed him. Enishi retorted that her disgusting cooking had nothing to do with it and Kaoru just said if he didn’t like it, he could just not eat it. Heishin showed up and told Enishi they had to talk, before informing him that their Arakawa hideout was taken over. Enish told him it was no concern of his anymore so Heishin could deal with it when he took over. Heishin told Enish that Kujiranami had rampaged through the city and Enishi asked him what happened. Heishin told him that apparently Kenshin stopped him and that he and the police would probably come to the island. He walked away, telling Enishi to take care of himself and he should welcome them on the island since it was a natural fortress. Enishi decided that his sister wanted Kenshin to send him to the real heal and if he killed him personally, his sister would smile again. As Kenshin and his allies approached the island with the police, Heishin asked Enishi to authorize firing the cannons. However he said there was no need since Kenshin would be aboard one and Heishin argued that every sea-to-land strategy suggested hitting them near shore to prevent landing. Enishi asked if he wanted to fight him here and Heishin said he would give up on the cannons, he couldn’t just sit here and suck his thumb. After Kenshin landed with his allies, he cried out a challenge to Enishi and Heishin told him he should settle the score now since they’d have to send in their soldiers if the police started landing. Enishi said one way or another, his personal battle would end today, so he’d give Heishin the organization now and told him to disappear. Heishin asked why so suddenly, but Enishi responded that he was always a thorn in his side. Heishin said if Enishi was defeated and arrested, it would affect the weapon’s dealing organization and he wouldn’t leave until the police and his enemy was dealt with. Enishi interrupted, asking Heishin if he thought for a second he would lose as his Frenzied Nerves sprang up. He then told Heishin to disappear in one koku or else he would destroy him, along with all his soldiers. Enishi went to Kaoru’s room and told her to be ready in one koku.

Final Fight with Kenshin

After Heishin’s bodyguards, the Sū-shin, were defeated, he tried to run, but Enishi appeared punching him in the face. He told Heishin he could writhe in pain for awhile and he’d feed him to the sharks later. Enishi turned his attention to Kenshin, telling him to get up, but Yahiko stood in his way and demanded to know where Kaoru was, threatening to slay Enishi if he’d killed her. However at that moment, she caught up with them, but Enishi prevented her from getting close. He said he’d brought Kaoru here so Kenshin wouldn’t be distracted and worry about her during the fight. Enishi went on to say that if he wanted her back, he’d have to fight for his life and told Kaoru if she took a step out of the forest, he’d kill her. Enishi told Kenshin a living wasn’t good enough and he’d see true hell was the answer to Jinchu, which was his sister’s wish. Kenshin said if Tomoe wished for his death, he would’ve chosen that path 15 years ago. Enishi and Kenshin began fighting and eventually stopped for a moment, saying that Kenshin’s speed was slightly greater, but he had more power. Enishi said another aspect they could test was height and said simply jumping up in the air was just the beginning of Watojutsu. He asked if Kenshin would accept and the former Battosai said no matter what his challenge was, he’d accept. Enishi pulled off his earring and said when it landed, it would be the starting signal. Once it hit the ground, the two took to the air and Kenshin seemed like he would win at first, but Enishi used a Watojutsu technique to make another leap midair. He managed to slash Kenshin’s shoulder, but the former Battosai used his Ryushosen. Enishi blocked with his armband, asking if Kenshin wanted to force him up higher and if he understood he had no control of a battle in air. They continued fighting and Enishi eventually sent the former Battosai smashing into a tree. When Kenshin did nothing, Enishi approached him, asking if he was giving up already, since he hadn’t used his secret move or Kofuku Zettosei. Enishi told him to get up, but Kenshin responded that in the living hell he’d created, he found a single truth that would help him atone for his crimes. Enishi said he should stop fighting it and give in to his punishment, then used the Gotsui Tosei to throw Kenshin onto the ground. Enishi said the crime of murder is punished with death and a loved one had to carry out that sentence, making sure the criminal would die in regret and anguish. Enishi told him to get up, but saw the image of Tomoe again and threw his sword to Kenshin. He said killing him would be easy but wouldn’t be the same as when the former Battosai killed his sister before his eyes. Enishi commanded Kenshin to kill himself, but he threw the sword back to him and said he couldn’t die yet. Enraged, Enishi asked if the former Battosai was still afraid to die after taking so many lives and they resumed fighting. However Kenshin said death didn’t frighten him, but that wasn’t the answer to atoning for the crimes of his past. He declared that the answer he’d come to was vowing to the sword and soul, his life of battles would be follow through”. Enishi asked Kenshin if he thought that would make his sister forgive him and ted former Battosai responded that when he came to that answer, Tomoe smiled on him. Kenshin then asked Enishi if Tomoe was smiling on him in his mind. However, this just made him angrier and he declared that he’d kill the former Battosai as his Frenzied Nerves sprang up.
82-247 EPNEB-Rurouni Kenshin v27 c247 173

Enishi using the abilities of his Frenzied Nerves

Enishi declared that in dream, reality, or illusion, he’d make it impossible for Kenshin to see his sister in heaven, by slamming him down into Hell. Enishi attacked, demonstrating even greater speed and after Kenshin’s allies deduced his ability, Enishi said the ability was given to him by his sister to have revenge. He explained that since Tomoe died, he was consumed with hate, to the point his brain seemed to feed on it. It never slept and maintained a constant active state, triggering his nerves to grow thicker and honing them to the point he could sense his body’s electricity. Enishi said this was Kyokeimyaku – Frenzied Nerves and continued attacking saying he could react after his opponent moved and make it in time, unlike Kenshin. Enishi said all his senses could find the former Battosai and knocked him into the ocean, saying the fomer Battosai’s death was the only thing that could save him and his sister. Enishi went on to say that with his Watojutsu and his Frenzied Nerves, Kenshin’s Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu was useless. Enishi attacked again, but Kenshin used his Ryumeisen only to get cut on the arm. However it had the intended affect and Enishi collapsed, asking what Kenshin just did, and he explained the Ryumeisen set off a powerful sonic blast into his ear. Normally it temporarily stunned the opponent’s hearing, but because of Enishi’s Frenzied Nerves, it had entered into the semicircular canal where his equilibrium was controlled. Kenshin told Enishi it was useless since he could barely stand, but Enishi tore off his ear and said it was even now. He attacked, sending a shockwave out and Kenshin dodged, telling him again it was useless, but Enishi said there was no need for defense. He went on to say that the former Battosai had robbed him of the only thing he’d ever wanted to protect. Enishi said that was why he’d kill Kenshin with his own two hands and took the stance for his Kofuku Zettosei. The former Battosai prepared to use his Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki and Enishi said that Kenshin said earlier that his sister smiled at him, then asked if she was now. Kenshin said no, because he didn’t see her anymore and that last smile was enough. Enishi said the former Battosai’s lies didn’t amuse him anymore and if Tomoe was not smiling, her smile belonged to no one. He declared that he would execute Kenshin and bring back his sister’s smile before they attacked each other. However, Enishi was unable to overcome the Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki, since unlike last time, Kenshin had no doubts. Enishi looked to the image of Tomoe, asking her to lend him his strength, and if she smiled for him, he would never lose. But she didn’t and Enishi was defeated, however, Heishin got back to his feet and shot Kenshin in his arm with a revolver. Kaoru tried to protect Kenshin, but before Heishin could fire, Enishi punched him away and lunged to kill him. Kenshin blocked Enishi’s fist and he commanded the former Battosai to move, but he refused, saying he wouldn’t allow any killing. Kenshin told Enishi if he continued like this, he’d lose Tomoe’s smile forever and thanked him for protecting Karou. Enishi sank to his knees, lamenting that she wasn't the one he wanted to protect and was taken away by the police, but not before Kaoru gave him Tomoe’s diary. Enishi disappeared from the boat sometime after, finding his way to the fallen village Kenshin had gone to in his depressed state when he thought Kaoru was dead.
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Enishi sitting with his father

While there, Enishi was approached by the man known only as “Geezer” (who was actually his father). Geezer asked if they had met somewhere before, but Enishi didn’t respond and the old man said it had to be his mind playing tricks. Enishi looked at him and said his mind had to be playing tricks on him as well since he’d seen Geezer’s face before too. The old man said he had no intention of asking what Enishi had lost and why he was so beat up. Geezer went on to say he would not throw that away and like Kenshin, he’d someday stand and leave this place. The old man then told Enishi to think of this as a kind of fate and take his time to rest.


Enishi is a highly skilled swordsman and uses a style called Watojutsu, which combines kenjutsu and Chinese sword fighting style. It combines the speed and slashing moves of kenjutsu and the strength and flexibility of Chinese sword fighting. Enishi uses a sword called a “Wato” with Watojutsu, a Chinese-made sword, but with the blade of a katana. Watojutsu centers around offense and power, but is lacking in defense so instead Enishi counterattacks to use his offense skills. He is extremely fast, strong, and agile and was the only person to block all nine strikes of Kenshin’s Kuzu Ryusen. A number of Enishi’s Watojutsu techniques are able to perfectly counter the moves of Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu, though this is coincidental in the storyline. One of the techniques of Watojutsu is Shugeki Tosei, where Enishi swings his sword upwards, kicking the back of the blade as he does so to increase the strength of the strike. Another is Kaishi Tosei, where he blocks the edge of his opponent’s attack with his Wato’s hilt, then spins around their defense on one foot, leaving them fully open to his attacks. The next is Shoha Tosei, which is similar to Shugeki Tosei, where Enishi uses his palm to push the blade of his sword in a downwards slash, to add speed and power. Another is Choten Tosei, which acts as a follow up to Shoha Tosei, after the Wato has been stabbed into the ground. Enishi steps on the sword’s pommel, before jumping into the air and brings the Wato to him by pulling on the cord attached to the hilt. He then unleashes a whip-like upward slash attack against the opponent above him. The next is Gotsui Tosei, where Enishi stabs his opponent, then lifts them above him in an arc to slam them into the ground. Another is Shikku Tosei, where Enishi jumps up normally, holding his Wato and upon reaching maximum height, he uses the fact that gravity has been canceled to perform a second jump. The next is Seran Tosei, where he ducks similar to a tiger crouching and slashes upwards, spinning around as he does so. The last is Kofuku Zettosei, where Enishi crouches in a similar manner to Seran Tosei with the hilt of the Wato facing downwards and the blade parallel to his arm. He then rises up, slashing at his opponent’s chest and this technique is able to counter Kenshin’s ultimate move, Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki. This is because Enishi’s crouching position lets him dodge the first strike, while at the same time allowing him to resist the stunning effect by using the ground for support against the shockwave. During the second strike, Enishi uses the vacuum created by the Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki to propel himself. However he needs perfect timing to perform the Kofuku Zettosei or he will be open to the second strike.

Enishi's Frenzied Nerves

Aside from his Watojutsu, Enishi has the ability of Frenzied Nerves, where his nerves swell to resemble swollen blood vessels. In this state, he becomes supersensitive, possessing greater speed, reaction times, and senses. As such, Enishi can react to attacks before they are performed and his opponent is utterly outmatched in terms of offense. However his supersensitive nerves are also a problem, since Enishi feels much more pain and his heightened senses can be used against him, such as when Kenshin attacked his hearing with a miniature sonic boom.


  • According to Nobuhiro Watsuki, creator of Rurouni Kenshin, Enishi’s design was meant to be a “slightly deviant, white-haired, pointy-haired, handsome young man appearing in a fancy Kamijo Atsushi-sensei-like manga”. However Watsuki said he felt bouts of self-disgust when drawing Enishi. He gave Enishi glasses because he was in the mafia, shady Chinese clothing since he lived in China, and a half-cape that was inspired by Gambit from X-Men.
  • Some mistakenly believe Vash the Stampede from Trigun and Basara from Macross 7 were design models for Enishi.
  • Watuski has said that he felt attachment to Enishi and would like to use him someday in a later work.
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