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Yulish Rabitov is the secondary antagonist of the second season of the Cinemax Original TV series Banshee.

He was the brother of the crime lord Mr. Rabbit, as well as the uncle of Carrie Hopewell. He was portrayed by Julian Sands.


It is known that at some point Yulish was married to Layla, who would later become the wife of his brother, Mr. Rabbit. This betrayal would then lead into his abandonment of crime in order to become a priest in the United States of America.

He's first seen on screen as FBI Special Agent, Jim Racine visits him at this church as he believes that he is hiding his brother over there. Racine would later take a piss on the church's doorstep because he wasn't satisfied with the conversation with Yulish.

He's then seen many episodes later as Job an accomplice of Carrie Hopewell and Lucas Hood infiltrates the church in order to kill Mr. Rabbit. He's only stopped when Yulish appears behind him and pulls his pistol on him. After this, Yulish orders his men to beat information from him, but he's able to dispatch them easily and tries to get another drop on Rabbit. Finding a room full of armed men working for Yulish, Job just makes a run for it slaughtering dozens of Yulish's men along the way. When he does get outside he then gets struck by a car passing through the road.

Later, spending the day tracking down hospitals Yulish is finally able to find the right hospitals and sends two of his men there to assassinate him. However, the assassins are killed by Carrie and Hood who arrived just in time at the hospital.

After this Carrie and Hood begin prepping for an attack at the church and when they finally do got ready to assassinate Rabbit at the church, they only find Yulish there waiting for them, unarmed. But behind him, an array of men equipped with automatic weapons fan out. Hopelessly outgunned, Lucas and Carrie decide they're going to get Rabbit or die trying. They take cover behind a pillar and fire until they've run out of bullets. Like he did 15 years earlier, Lucas promises to draw attention away as Carrie escapes. He comes at the men armed only with a knife, when they're suddenly taken out in a blast of machine gun fire. Job and Fat Au, a weapons dealer from Chinatown arrived at the church to save the two. However it becomes quickly apparent that Job and Fat Au along with his men didn't mow Yulish down as he comes behind cover, rapidly firing towards them. Hood then puts two bullets in his chest and gets close by to finish him off with a headshot.