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Pathetic! Pagan sends a boy like you to kill me? After everything I did for him? Before your whore of a mother came along, he was fearless! Nobody could stand up to him. Then your mother... your mother...
~ Yuma Lau to Ajay Ghale, insulting his mother and her existence in Pagan Min's life.
I lied to myself. I thought he would get better. He had to get better. But no... what is broken stays broken. It stays weak. But Pagan will not break me, this country will not break me and you... you will not break me!
~ Yuma Lau to Ajay Ghale insulting Pagan Min.

Yuma Lau is is the secondary antagonist of Far Cry 4 and Pagan Min's second-in-command. She is the general of the Royal Guard as well as the warden of Durgesh.


Yuma was orphaned when her parents were killed during raid by task force because her father was triad boss, Yuma was adopted by Gang Min who is Paeng Min's father and became close to Pagan. Yuma received best eduction from her school and grew up to idolize Pagan Min as brother figure. Pagan encouraged Yuma to become ruthless killer and he even gave heads of three men as present of her 18th birthday for tired steeling her father's inheritance. Yuma remained loyal to Pagan, but he fell in love with Ishwari Ghale who is Mohan's wife. Yuma fought for his affections.



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