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Thanks for the meal... I'm stuuuffed!
~ Final words before death.

Yumepakkun is an antagonist in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. He is one of the many Daikaan of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who rule planet Earth.

He was voiced by Hironori Kondō.


Yumepakkun was on Earth stealing the dreams from the children. Lucky and the others appeared and transform to fight as the Kyurangers. Raptor's dreams of fighting together with the Kyurangers, and her wild ideas and fascinations with fighting are only getting bigger.

Then, Yumepakkun tries to steal her dream but not until the other Kyurangers attacked him which cause him retreat. At his Moraimarz, he was having fun with his own. Later, he appears again and steals more dreams from the children but the Kyurangers appeared and the start the battle with him. Then, Yumepakkun tries to steal Raptor's dream again but Lucky appeared on time to defend her. As the battle goes on, Raptor's Kyutama appeared and she transforms into Washi Pink and joins the battle.

Raptor then shot at his stomach and the children have gotten their dreams back and he tries to block with the Tsuyoindaver and escaping the All-Star Crash. He then transforms his Moraimarz into the Moraimarz Robo and fights with the KyurenOh only to escape from his robot before he could be destroyed.

Later, he was seen scolding the Indaver after his Moraimarz was destroyed and then encounters Stinger and Eriedrone which made him happy to see that Eriedrone is here on earth. Later, Yumepakkun started attacking Earth again but this time he did not steal the dreams from the children but also the adults.

Lucky and the others appeared to fight as the Kyurangers. Then, the brothers named Kotaro Sakuma and Jiro Sakuma join in the battle and fight the Indaver. Later, he got hit by the building with Lucky shot which cause him to retreat yet again. Later, he appeared again along with Stinger, Eriedrone and his hostages, Kotaro Sakuma and Jiro Sakuma.

He tries to steal Lucky's dream only to be destroyed when he inhale too much of it. Later, Yumepakkun was enlarged before being destroyed by 01*04*06*08*09 KyurenOh.


  • His design shows similarities to Tapir Evo from the 1983 TV series Kagaku Sentai Dynaman, Bakuki from the 1994 TV series Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, and Elmgaim of the Baku from the 2010 TV series Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

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