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Yun is the central antagonist of the Avatar: Kyoshi series. He appears as a major character in Avatar: The Rise of Kyoshi and as the main antagonist in Avatar: The Shadow of Kyoshi. He was a boy falsely identfied to be Kuruk's sucessor as the next Avatar.

Yun was also the former friend of Kysohi and Rangi before he was taken into the Spirit World by Father Glowworm .

While he manged to escape, Yun was no longer his former self as he had turned evil due to his desire for revenge against all who wronged him. Yun died for real at the hands of Kyoshi after his desire for vengeance endagered several lives. Despite his fall from grace, Kyoshi and Rangi were still devastated at the loss of their former friend.


Early Life

Little was known about Yun's early childhood but he was persumbed to be orphaned by Kysohi since he never talked about his relatives and Jianzhu was the only person he considered his kin. What is currently known about Yun's early life was that he was born in Makapu village where he was famous in his local community for his talent in Pai Shao. Yun was also a prodgious earthbender. Yun's talents attracted the attention of of Kelsang and Jianzhu during their quest to find and locate the next avatar. The travling pair eventauley concluded that Yun was was Kuruk's reincarnation. Yun was then taken to Yokoya Port where he'd be train in the Avatar Manson. There, he meets and befriends Rangi and Kyoshi who were assinged to be his bodyguard and maid respectuly.

Avatar Training

Under the tutelage of Jianzhu, Yun underwent many rigorous and painful tests: bending exercises, physical trials, meditation, as well as poison training. He was even trained by his waterbending teacher, Amak, to be a killer in order to protect himself from daofei, spies, and assassins. These lessons did not just include combat training, but also the intake of small amounts of poison so that Yun could build up an immunity. Yun actually liked training with Amak, considering him a blunt yet effective and direct teacher. In between lessons, Yun regularly journeyed around the world with Jianzhu and Kelsang on the latter's flying bison, Pengpeng, in order to meet important people from the four nations. His two male mentors wanted to ensure Yun had a cosmopolitan upbringing, as the ideal Avatar was also a diplomat without bias.

Dedicating his whole being to his Avatarhood, Yun spent sleepless nights poring over scholarly analyses of Yangchen's political decisions. He exhaustively memorized the names of every Earth Kingdom noble, Fire Nation commander, and Water Tribe chieftain among the living and three generations of the dead. Yun used forgotten texts to map the ancient sacred sites of the Air Nomads to such a degree that it even surprised his airbending mentor, Kelsang.

In 296 BG, Yun's earthbending had improved to the point where he managed to catch a jar of kelp that Kyoshi's bully, Aoma, threw into the air from afar. Immediately afterward, he used his bending to communicate with Kyoshi and Rangi, even though they could not respond. After observing Rangi being annoyed with Kyoshi, Yun acrobatically returned to the training grounds, where an unimpressed Hei-Ran criticized him for letting his mind wander. He then attempted to achieve firebending only to end up using earthbending to mimic it. As Hei-Ran remarked that masters used to maim their students for insubordination in the old days, Jianzhu intervened and insisted they take a break.

Retreating to the largest storage area, Yun was then informed that Tagaka of the Fifth Nation had agreed to sign a new version of her great-grandfather's treaty, agreeing to the cessation of raiding along with the Xishaan Mountains in exchange for access to timber on Yesso Island, all based on his Avatarhood. Yun noted that the Fifth Nation would still be able to assault Chameleon Bay or the Fire Nation. When asked if he intended to reject Tagaka's offer, he concluded that they had to accept for the Fire Navy to deal with the Fifth Nation, though he was uncomfortable with manipulating the very nations he was supposed to protect, despite Jianzhu's endorsement of his strategic thinking.

Returning to his firebending training, Jianzhu forced Yun to walk across a spike floor barefooted to disconnect him from his native element. Afterward, he proceeded to find Kyoshi for aid in sorting out the various gifts in his quarters. When they started arguing over a pair of oversized boots, Yun pleaded with Kyoshi to join him on the upcoming treaty signing, as he needed a regular person to observe him as a friend, not the Avatar.

As Kyoshi consented to join him, Yun briefly took her fingers to his cheek, causing her to flush, before anticipating Rangi's entrance. As the firebender bowed before Yun and criticized Kyoshi for failing to make any progress cleaning up, she and Yun started to joke about burning down the mansion before Rangi threw a decorative pillow in his face, causing the trio to burst out in hysterical laughter.

Diplomatic misson

Upon learning that he'll be going on a diplomatic misson to negotiate with the Fifth Nation, Yun invites Kyoshi to be apart of the misson.

Jianzhu's betrayal

Escape from the Spirit World

Fall from Grace


Kyoshi eventually defeated Yun by freezing the blood inside his heart and lungs, killing him and putting an end to his crusade once and for all.


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