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Yuri Ismaylov is a major antagonist, later protagonist in Season 4 of Stranger Things.

He is a Russian smuggler whose main concern is doing jobs for money. This later changes when his current situation is broken down to him by his allies.

He is portrayed by Nikola Đjuričko.


Ismaylov was born on April 3, 1938, in Padunskaya Industrial Park, Kemerovo Oblast (USSR), as written in his Soviet Russian passport.

Season 4

Following Jim Hopper's imprisonment in a gulag, Yuri was hired by a guard named Enzo to smuggle Hopper out of the Soviet Union and get him home.


On the surface, Yuri is a friendly man who loves to make jokes, and seems happy to work with Dmitri, Joyce, and Murray. However, his friendly nature is all a facade, as it is revealed he not only drugs Joyce and Murray's drinks, planning on selling them in Russia, but also turns Dimitri and Hopper in, showing that Yuri is a very untrustworthy person. Yuri also has no shame in his immoral actions, laughing at Dimitri's punishment, and claiming his mother would be proud of all the money he would get from selling Americans. He also enjoys taunting his victims.


  • Yuri was originally set to play a supporting role, this was later changed after his earlier performances in the show. He was later given a bigger role during Season 4.


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