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Yurius is a character from the mobile game Rage of Bahamut who was one of many characters carried over into its sister game, Dragalia Lost. In the latter game, he is a minor antagonist turned protagonist who serves as the main antagonist of his own adventurer story as well as an unseen antagonist in Albert's adventurer story.


Yurius has pink hair and wears a blue jacket and a red cape.

With a device given to him by Phares, he becomes a dragon with white hair, angelic wings, two demonlike heads sprouting around his waist, and tentacles which remain a part of him even after changing back.


Rage of Bahamut


Dragalia Lost


Before the events of the main game, Albert and Yurius were close friends who believed in each other. However, when Alberts father turned into a fiend as a result of the seed of the abyss forcing Albert to kill him and become seen as a hero to the public eye, Yurius grow to resent him. Despite Albert attempting to assure him that he still sees Yurius as a friend and rightful heir to the throne of Levin, Yurius doesn't believe him and thinks Albert looks down on him just like his own father did.

Yurius taking the other seed of abyss with intent on acquiring power, absorbing the entire city of Levin out of existence in doing so. Albert gives chase to find and strike down his former friend.

Albert Adventurer Story

While hunting for Yurius, Albert runs into Euden, who offers to help find Yurius. During their efforts, they get word of Yurius hiding in an old shack. When they arrive though, they find that Yurius had already escaped, but not before leaving behind a fiend ambush for them to deal with.

Yurius Adventurer Story

Yurius soon meets with Phares and offers him the last seed of the abyss in exchange for a device that would allow him to shapeshift. Intrigued, Phares accepts the deal.

Eventually, towns across Alberia start vanishing, prompting Euden to investigate with Aoi, Jurota, and Vice. During which, they run into Yurius, who introduces himself as Astorius. Euden offers him to join them in the investigation, which is exactly what Yurius wanted.

However, Euden starts to become suspicious of Astorius, and sends Jurota to fetch Albert. While fighting some fiends, Yurius reveals himself to the party and uses Phares' device to turn into a dragon.

He begins to wear down the party until Euden shapeshifts. Upon which, Yurius prepares to absorb Euden before Albert arrives to intervene. Yurius attempts to use his power to wipe them all out, but he soon starts to lose control. Albert prepares to strike him down before Euden tells him not to give up on saving him.

After a deep struggle, Albert manages to extract and destroy the seed in Yurius. While the tentacles remain, Yurius begins to feel guilt over all he had done. He lets the party know that he gave the last seed to Phares and tells them that he will accept any punishment the instill onto him. Euden decides for Yurius's punishment to be helping them out and atone for his crimes.


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