Yussel Gotlib (Anthony Belevtsov) in Triple 9


Yussel Gotlib is one of the secondary antagonists in the 2016 film Triple 9. He was is one of the henchmen of Irina Vlaslov.

He was portrayed by Anthony Belevtsov.

Character Summary

Along with Ben Feldman, Gotlib was often being the money courier for Irina and her various clients. He was very quiet and never spoke a single word during his entire screentime. He was later killed by Michael Atwood delivered the money and after Yussel and Ben roughed up Atwood, they left with Irina and their money which Atwood had given them only for Atwood to blow them all up with a miniature bomb he had built and planted in the briefcase filled with all the stolen money, exacting his revenge for all their wrongdoings.

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