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Villain Overview
Yuto: Hey Roku, why so quiet? Say something! Come on, Roku, I’m talking to you
Rokuro: (angry) Why...Why are you still alive Yuuto!?
Yuto: I’m not sure how to answer that...As you can see, The wound you gave me two years ago has healed up so nicely!
(Rokuro still angry)
Yuto: And anyway, Isn’t this more like a scene where you shout out, “You’re alive Yuto!” and cry tears of joy?
Rokuro: Stop spewing your sick jokes right now! (Tries to attack Yuuto but he stopped him)
~ Yuto's introduction when he taunts a surprised Rokuro.

Yuto Ijika (in Japanse: 石鏡 悠斗, Ijika Yūto) is the main antagonist of the anime series Twin Star Exorcists. He is Benio Adashino's evil older twin brother and Rokuro Enmado's old friend turned enemy. He is also the mastermind behind the tragedy that is called Hiinatsuki Tragedy.

He was voiced by Murase Ayumu.


Yuto is a young man with blue hair that is kept in a bowl cut hairstyle, he has gold colored eyes and wore an eye patch over his left eye and is seen wearing a white uniform with dark blue designs on the sides of the sleeves and on the zipper.

Before he had an eye patch, he had blue eyes matching the color of his hair.

2 years later, his appearance has not changed except he has gotten taller.


When he was younger, Yuto had a friendly and companionable rivalry towards Rokuro. He used to care for Benio to the point that he gave her the hairpin, with Benio believing that he had a strong sense of justice. However, it was all revealed to be a facade on his part.

In reality, he remains very confident in his own power and he feels nothing for his little sister, nor Rokuro, and didn't hesitate to kill them if he had the chance. He is cruel, ruthless, unsympathetic, sadistic, and remorseless in his actions, and even belittled Benio by insulting their late parents, who sacrificed themselves to save her, while calling her pathetic. He also loves showing off his strength and whenever he has a moment of weakness, he makes it appear like it is a bluff in order to keep his strong image. He does not mind sacrificing countless people to become the strongest exorcist.

Despite all of this, Yuto puts on a respectful and polite demeanor to his enemies even while acting ruthlessly towards them. He also had a twisted obsession with Rokuro, although he still didn't mind torturing him and trying to break his spirit to transform Rokuro into a being called Cataclysm King that will supposedly bring the end of humanity itself.

Powers and Abilities

Yuto has several abilities like:

  • Tricking People: Yuto has the ability to trick everyone that surrounds him. For example, he tricks his friends in the Hiinatsuki Dormitory by claiming that he would give them more power so that they would be on the same tier as Rokuro and him, but in reality, Yuto experiments on them and caused them to become mindless impurities. He also has an ability to kept his facade to his sister for a long time.
  • Dark Arts: Yuto studied Forbidden Exorcism in order to increase his power and was proven to be successful since he could beat one of the Twelve Guardians, Seigen, and sometimes, Rokuro and Benio, with ease. His dark powers grant him:
    • Superhuman Durability, Endurance and Stamina: Yuto is able to survive some of the ultimate attacks that Rokuro and Benio delivered, and after taking numerous blows that they delivered, Yuto didn't even appear to be wounded.
    • Corrupting Humans into Impurities: Yuto is able to corrupt people into mindless impurities that wreak havoc like when he did it in the Hiinatsuki incident, or when he did it to Mayura Otomi, Rokuro's childhood friend.
    • Power Absorption: Yuto is able to drain powers from people like what he did to Kuranashi, who absorbed the power of Twelve Guardians. He also claimed that he absorbed the powers of Abe-no-Seimei himself.
    • Enchanted Gear: Being an Exorcist, Yuto is able to use Enchanted Gears to help him combat Impurities when fighting in Magano. His Enchanted Gear takes the form of a rocky Blue arm similar to that of an impurity. Yuto is also able to perform a full-body enchantment akin to the Twelve Commanders Celestial Gear Equip.
    • Corrupted Body:Thanks to the dark arts he studied, His body itself had become corrupted and a strong impurity of his own.
    • Exceptional Fighting Strength: Yuto is pretty great at hand-to-hand combat, especially when he was able to wound and punch Rokuro and Benio with his physical body
  • Taunting: He loves to sadistically taunts and play jokes on his enemies so that he could break them emotionally. This is especially seen towards Rokuro, whom he did this to so that he could achieve his goal to make him a Cataclysm King, and Benio, due to finding her to be an annoyance.


Rokuro: (Being stopped by Yuto) What are you doing?
Yuto: Don’t make such a scary face. It’s been so long since we last met. Let’s have a nice, leisurely chat, Roku. We’re friends aren’t we?
Rokuro: Friends with you!? Don’t give me that crap! What did you do to others at the Hinatsuki Dorm two years ago!?
Yuto: What did I do? I was just trying to give them more power. On the other hand, what was it you did to them, again?
Rokuro: I...
Yuto: (Laughs & Grinning) So much happened on that night. It was so much fun, wasn’t it, Roku?
~ Rokuro angrily asks Yuto what did he done two years ago and Yuto express a joy and satisfactory about it.
Benio: Please, stop joking! My brother is not the kind person who would do something like that!
Yuto: Shut up, Benio. Close your childish mouth right now.

(Benio shocked)
Yuuto: You are so pitiful, thinking I’m kind and righteous. That would mean you didn’t understand a single thing about me.
Benio: (Shocked) Nii-sama...
Seigen: Accept reality, Adashino Benio. That’s Ijika Yuto’s true nature. He’s always deceived everyone around him
Benio: But....What about the promise? The promise we made in front of Father and Mother’s home!
Yuuto: Father and Mother?
Benio: We swore to become the strongest exorcist. The tears you shed then...Were those a lie, too!?
Yuto: As if I would look up to two fools who only preached ideals, yet never accomplished anything themselves. And most foolish of all, They died trying to protect you. I have no idea why they expected anything from you, but this is a good opportunity to make one thing clear. Benio, I never once respected you as an exorcist. Our foolish parents fawned over you, and playing the role of a good brother to an idiot who couldn’t see reality was nothing but stressful for me.

~ Yuto sheds his facade towards Benio.
Yuto: Done already, Roku?
Rokuro: Yuto!
Yuto: You know, I happen to hate your guts, but I do admit you have potential as an exorcist. Which is why I came here to talk to you today. In order to accomplish my goal, it wouldn't hurt to have a henchman. If you abandon those asinine morals and see things my way, I can make room for you at my side.
~ Yuto taunting Rokuro by asking him to join his side.
Rokuro:How stupid are you!? I'd rather die than side with you!
Yuto:I'd say you're the stupid one. You haven't changed at all in 2 years. You always run away...You stand before the door to gaining incredible power but you always turn away. Your crime, Roku, isn't killing the Hiinatsuki Kids or failing to bring me down. Your crime is....Your lack of commitment to becoming truly powerful
Yuto:I've grown bored of this chat. I suppose I'll take my leave.
Yuto:When next we meet, try to entertain me more, Roku.
~ Yuto taunting Rokuro when Rokuro refuses to join his side.
Yuto:Well, Roku? How did you like my presents?
Yuto:Oh, you know, I figured getting powerful Kegare to wreak havoc would be the best way to test how strong you are now. But I'm a little disappointed. I went the trouble of making Mayura-chan a Kegare corruption, and you just panicked like an idiot. Maybe you really not commited enough yet, Roku.
~ Yuto confesses to Rokuro that he was the one corrupting his childhood friend Mayura
I see that you still dote on your students, Seigen-san. But... You're kind of annoying. I mean, you already went around exorcising the other Kegare corruptions I made for Roku. Please stop getting in my way
~ Yuto wanting to get rid of Seigen due to him being a hindrance for his way.
Amawaka Seigen of the Twelve Guardians! Killing you here will be my declaration of war on the Exorcist Union!
~ Yuto declaring a war after he finishes Seigen off/.
(Points out to the flowers that he put on the table) They were a collection of worthless idiots...But we were all friends, after all. By the way, I've got one here for you, too, Roku. So what will you do? If you ask to join me, there'll be no need for this flower...
~ Yuto taunting Rokuro by showing the flowers that he put on the table.
This is ridiculous, I'm speechless. I demonstrated the difference between us when I fought Seigen-san, didn't I? And you come here with Benio of all people, helping you... I wonder how that makes you think you can beat me, Roku. I guess I don't need you after all. (Tears the flowers) I'll pulverize you and turn you into food for Kegare
~ Yuto taunting Rokuro after seeing Benio still on his side.
Yuto:(Suddenly vomits blood)What? Why...
Rokuro:It's working! (Manages to punch Yuto)Yuto!!!
Yuto:(Suddenly grabs Rokuro's arm) Tough luck!
Yuto:Your attacks have no effect on me at all! (Proceeds to broke Rokuro's arm) You didn't actually think for a second that you'd won, did you?
(Rokuro screams in agony)
~ Yuto lying to Rokuro about the attacks working on him and then proceeds to break his arm.
Benio:Rokuro! (Proceeds to attack Yuto)
Yuto:Talentless waste with nothing but speed...(Kicks Benio until she vomits blood) Dealing with your speed is starting to get tedious. Let's be rid of it (Damages Benio's legs)
(Benio screams in agony)
Yuto:(Grinning and proceeds to step on her leg and maniacally laughs about it)Your scream is simply delightful, Benio!
Rokuro:Yuto, you bastard! What kind of older brother does that!? (Tries to Punch Yuto)
Yuto:(Stopping the punch from Rokuro) That kind of reaction is why you and she are always going to be second-rate. (Pushes Rokuro)
~ Yuto damaging Benio's legs and tortures her after she got hurt.
Yuto:Come on Roku. You really should've cast Iron Armor. Still, I guess in the end,(Looks at Benio) a loser will never be anymore than a loser, huh?(Grabs Benio's head)You know...You weren't really trying to kill me at first, were you? I'm sure I'm wrong, but...Did you perhaps think this was all some kind of misunderstanding? That maybe I was someone other than the brother you knew? You didn't believe that, did you!?(Proceeds to take Benio's hair tie that Yuto gives to her years ago) The fact that you're still wearing the hair tie I gave you proves how pathetic you are. (Proceeds to smashes the Hair tie). You really don't deserve to live neither as a human being nor an exorcist. I don't even need to destroy you myself. Go on hating your own weakness as you die a meaningless death.
Benio:(Cries) Nii-sama.
~ Yuto sadistically taunting Benio and leaving her to die.
Yuto:Listen up, Roku. This is your last warning.
Yuto:I said this yesterday, too...It's easier to achieve my goal with you at my side. If you do as I say---
Rokuro:If I do that...You're saying you'll spare Ryogo and the others, right?
Yuto:(Laughs) You're right, I did say that. Sorry though. The truth is, I was just lying to move things along.
(Rokuro looks surprised)
Yuto:Now that I have the body and power of a Kegare, just like they do, I can steal the spell power of humans and become stronger by killing them. I'll have power surpassing that of any exorcist. And to have that, I need one thing...The spell power of everyone in the country!
Rokuro:You...They'll all die if you do that!
Yuto:Maybe so. But when you think about what's to come, oddly, it makes the sacrifice at Hiinatsuki seems a bit insignificant, doesn't it?
~ Yuto revealing that he has been lying all along regarding him wanting to spare Rokuro's loved ones.
Listen, Roku. Exorcist or Kegare, no matter who the strongest is, they're still not perfect. If you say that human spell power has a yang nature, that would mean that Kegare have a yin nature. The people who can control the power of both Yin and Yang--Those are exorcists! I strive to become the user of ultimate spell power...A sublime, superior existence...That's right! In other words, the strongest exorcist!
~ Yuto revealing his ultimate goal.
(When Kuranashi trying to absorbs Yuto's powers)

Kuranashi: Hmph.....Tatara.... It seems our feud of 600 years has ended in my victory.
Benio: It can’t be...
Rokuro: Yuto...
Kuranashi: What will you do now, Twin Star Exorcist? It may not be a bad idea to withdraw for now. (Suddenly surprised about something) What!? It can’t be...You!?
Benio: What is...
Kuranashi: Then all of this...was according to your manipulations!? But when did you......
Kuranashi: was all your doing....
(A glimpse of Yuto’s smile is shown)
Kuranashi: Ijika Yuto! (Suddenly he exploded)
Yuto: I’m sure you thought you were using me all along...But tough luck! Turns out it’s the other way around. It’s been so long! I was hoping to see you again...Roku!

~ Kuranashi revealed to have be betrayed by Yuto/
Rokuro:He's unharmed!?
Benio:I can sense endless spell power...Several tenfold compared to two years ago.
Yuto:Obviously. Kuranashi stole spell power from countless exorcists and the Twelve Guardian themselves, and then I stole all of his spell power.
Rokuro:Then he wasn't helping you!?
Yuto:Helping me?(Laughs) Kuranashi was trying to use me. All for his dream of freeing Magano. All I did was turn the tables on him. He dreamed it for over a thousand years, yet in the end, never came to pass. Makes you laugh, huh? I felt sorry for him so I ended his life as quickly as I could
~ Yuto revealing to Rokuro that he's backstabbing Kuranashi all along.





  • Impurities in Japanese version or sometimes English version's other name is Kegare.
  • His eye color changed into yellow when he has an eye patch, and eventually gone rogue after the Hinatsuki Tragedy. A same case happened on Braig in Kingdom Hearts game franchise, where he also completely became a villain after getting an eye patch and had his eye color changed into yellow.
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