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Yuuna Kobe is a minor antagonist from the manga and anime psychological horror series Happy Sugar Life.


Yuuna was originally an ordinary 16-year-old high schooler who had the misfortune of accidentally bumping into her future husband. After she failed to apologize due to being terrified of the young man's appearance, he takes her to a quiet place and rapes her. While the actual rape isn't shown, the aftermath of it is made evident. When Yuuna's parents discover Yuuna's pregnancy, they come to an agreement with her rapist's parents, and Yuuna is made to marry him.

After they were married, Yuuna was continually abused and raped by her husband until she gave birth to Asahi. After her husband left the house, it seemed as though Yuuna could have some semblance of happiness with her son, but she was unable to hold any jobs because of her lack of a proper education. Just as it appeared as though her parents would help her with raising her son, Yuuna's husband returned and the abuse continued. When news of her father-in-law dying in a vehicular accident came to light, her overjoyed husband takes his inheritance and leaves the house, leaving her and their son penniless. To make matters worse, her husband returned to the household after spending all of his inheritance on himself, and became worse.

Shortly afterward, Shio was born. At this time, Asahi encourages his mother to take his sister and escape the abusive household, promising that he would meet up with them soon. After leaving the house, Yuuna tries to raise Shio but finds it extremely difficult. She first tried to keep Shio from leaving the house, insisting that the outside world was dangerous. When Shio nearly ends up getting killed by a bus the one time Yuuna permitted her to leave the house, she reestablishes that Shio would remain in the house, angrily slapping Shio when she was arguing with her. Realizing that she was becoming like her much hated husband, Yuuna decides to leave Shio on the streets, proclaiming that she no longer needed her. Unbeknownst to her, Shio would be discovered by Satou that day, and she would go onto live with her.

Anime ending

In the anime, it is revealed that Yuuna was the one who was responsible for Asahi's father succumbing from alcoholic poisoning. Shortly after abandoning Shio, she returns to his household and secretly laces his sake with poison knowing that she would get arrested if she was ever caught. She is last seen looking at the hospital building Shio was sent to after jumping off the roof with Satou. Yuuna's fate is unknown later after she killed her husband she possibly succumbed from the poisoning or she survived and was arrested for the murder of her husband.


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