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Ah, the infamous Cash and Tango. Dishonored. Imprisoned. Such a shameful fall from glory.
~ Yves Perret to Raymond Tango and Gabriel Cash

Yves Perret is the main antagonist in the 1989 film Tango & Cash.

He was portrayed by the late Jack Palance, who has done villains such as Voltan in Hawk the Slayer, Carl Grissom in Batman, and Rothbart in The Swan Princess.


Perret is a rich and powerful criminal mastermind who runs a multi-million dollar business involving drugs and arms dealing. However, he has come into conflict several times with two determined cops, one named Lieutenant Raymond Tango and the other named Lieutenant Gabriel Cash. Having cost Perret millions over the years by interfering with his drug deals and exposing many of his henchmen, Perret becomes increasingly frustrated with them (despite the fact he has never met either of them in person). Perret's accomplices try to convince him to have Tango and Cash killed, but Perret claims that they're already the top cops in the country and thus they'd become martyrs if they were eliminated.

Perret instead concocts a scheme to frame the two cops for murder by bribing various officials into planting evidence and creating a fake tape of Tango's voice (making it sound like he killed a victim in cold blood). Tango and Cash are both arrested and their reputations immediately plummet, much to Perret's delight. Later, Perret sneaks into the prison along with his men and finally attempts to have the two cops killed, knowing they're no longer famous but still fearing they could cause him more trouble once they're released. Before Tango and Cash are electrocuted to death, Perret's men are interrupted by the arrival of one of Cash's allies, and Perret quietly escapes unnoticed.

With the help of their allies (who believe their claims that they've been framed), Tango and Cash manage to escape from prison and take refuge with Tango's sister, Katherine. Perret soon discovers this news and when Tango and Cash continue their investigation into his affairs, Perret has Katherine kidnapped and brought to him. Tango and Cash manage to storm his compound in a heavy armored vehicle and succeed in killing all of Perret's men. Perret himself gloats at them while holding Katherine hostage, whilst standing behind a wall of mirrors designed to disorientate the two cops. However, Tango and Cash both manage to decipher the true Perret amongst the reflections and simultaneously shoot him through the head, saving Katherine.



  • Jack Palance jokingly showed his displeasure about filming this movie while on the tonight show with Jay Leno. He said that when he first got the script he was really excited about doing the movie since he had three nice scenes with Sylvester Stallone, but as soon as filming started all his scenes with Stallone were cut, and he didn't even see Stallone throughout the entire movie.