What's so fun about shooting at targets that aren't even moving?

Yzak Joule is an elite Mobile Suit Pilot in ZAFT and a supporting antagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.


Out of the five young pilots assigned to the ZAFT's  Le Creuset Team, Yzak is the most loyal to the cause. He is portrayed as being competitive, hotheaded, and extremely impulsive. It is also shown that he is highly competitive with Athrun Zala in terms of leadership; his best friend Dearka Elsman often encourages such behavior. Although Yzak is known for being over-zealous and impulsive, he prefers to fight equally; at the Battle of Panama he expresses his great distaste for "shooting at targets that can't shoot back," which was the very beginning of his waves of doubt towards the ZAFT command structure. Yzak kept the scar to constantly remind him of the pain that the Strike has caused. On more than one occasion Yzak's temper has gotten the best of him, such as when he shot down a civilian shuttle believing it to be a unit of escaping soldiers. Throughout SEED, Yzak remains this way until the Battle of Panama, when Yzak truly sees the horrors of war. Once he forms the elite Joule Team under his aegis, he becomes more level-headed and much more of a leader. However, a meeting with Dearka (who had defected during the final battle of Orb) made Yzak see how twisted the ZAFT leadership was becoming, especially after witnessing the destructive power of the GENESIS causing him to question ZAFT. In Destiny, Yzak removes his scar and retains a level headed attitude, becoming more of a mentor to inexperienced pilots and presumably signaling an end to his grudge against Kira. However, he is still hot-headed and prone to small bursts of anger at times, as seen in his unexpected reunion with Athrun during the Junius Seven drop, though he isn't as impulsive as he was before.


First Alliance-PLANT War

Battle of Heliopolis

He is among the attack team that would steal the Earth Alliance's G Weapons that were being developed in secret collaboration with Morgenroete. The machine he steals is the GAT-X102 Duel Gundam.

Battle of JOSH-A

With the other members of the Le Cresuset team absent, Yzak is the only member among the attackers in this battle. He first helps in taking out some of the defenders and then would engage Mu la Flaga's Skygrasper and target the Archangel. When Kira Yamato shows up in the stolen ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam, Yzak was surprised by the unexpected arrival. When Kira warns both sides of the Cyclops System to try and save both sides, Yzak does not buy it and engages Kira, who remembers Elle and the downfall of the shuttle. Even though it looked like Kira was going to make Yzak pay for shooting down the civilian shuttle, the former still chose to spare the latter's life by only disabling his machine. Kira kicks Yzak's Duel away, followed by an ally catching the disabled Duel; Kira's act surprises Yzak.

Battle of Porta Panama

He would be among the attack force advancing to the Panama Mass Driver. At first he deals with the usual Earth Alliance defenders, which are just tanks and aircraft; later, he would engage the new Strike Dagger mobile suits. After the Gungnir weapons render the Panama base and its forces defenseless, bloodthirsty ZAFT soldiers massacre the surviving Earth Alliance personnel, a sight that Yzak showed disapproval of as he watched from a sideline.


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