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Yusei Fudo, though you may have come this far with the intention to cut open the future with your own power... everything has merely traveled along the rails that I have laid out. To you, I am the equivalent of a God. [...] In order to change the future, Zero Reverse was caused and your lives were changed dramatically. You were orphaned, living in Satellite, and then rose up to the challenges in the WRGP. However, that victory was only a means to call out the Ark Cradle. [...] Do you understand? The meaning of me being your God? And if a God decides to take a path of destruction, then no one shall defy it.
~ Z-one to Yusei at the start of their duel.

Z-one is the main antagonist of the 2008 season and the third installament of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds.

He is responsible for many of the series' events, including the founding of Yliaster and the Zero Reverse incident.

He is a scientist who hails from a post-apocalyptic future where humanity is in a status of near-extinction, caused by the Meklord Emperors. Z-one, alongside Aporia, Antinomy, and Paradox, having traveled back in time to alter history and prevent said future from happening by any means necessary, even if it means at the cost of the lives of innocents.

He was voiced by Marc Thompson.


Z-one's true face

Z-one was a scientist from a time in which humanity used Ener-D to control and accelerate their own evolution but did so with greedy and selfish desires. Eventually, their Ener-D went out of control, creating an army of Meklord Emperors to destroy the human race. Researching how to stop them, Z-one discovered a way to stop their power source: the Ener-D and the Planetary Pieces in people's hearts.

Realizing that he alone wouldn't be able to inspire others, Z-one researched into the life of Yusei Fudo, a legendary duelist who saved New Domino City long ago. He then proceeded to perform a surgery on himself in order to take on Yusei's appearance, as well as implant a device into his head to make him think like him.

Unfortunately, while Z-one's actions did inspire people to help each other and caused the Meklord Emperors to stop attacking; he was too late as Ener-D proceeded to explode, destroying society and leaving only a few survivors. Z-one survived, however, though the device in his brain was now broken, and he lost faith in humanity.

Eventually, Z-one encountered three other survivors; Antimony, Aporia, and Paradox. Together, the four men spent many years researching ways to restore mankind and undo the destruction that Ener-D caused. Unfortunately, they grew old while doing so, and Antimony, Aporia, and Paradox eventually died, while Z-one connected himself to a device that prolongs his life leaving him as the last survivor of mankind.

Before dying, each of Z-one's comrades wished for Z-one to use their power to change the past, Z-one fulfilled their wishes by creating androids with the appearance and memories of his fallen comrades albeit in their younger forms. Aporia's android was an exception, as he had requested to instead be recreated as three separate androids each representing a different stage in his life. Although Z-one respected the androids and treated them as his friends, he still saw them as nothing but replicas of the real survivors; it is implied that the androids were also aware that they were fake substitutes, nonetheless they were fiercely loyal to Z-one, even seeing him as a god.

Z-one instructed all the androids to travel back in time to prevent the creation of Ener-D by whatever means necessary, with each of them having their own schemes to change the past.

The android modeled after Paradox planned to kill Maximillion Pegasus, in order to wipe the Duel Monsters card game from existence and thus prevent Ener-D from being created since it drew energy from the spirits of the monsters in the game..

Meanwhile, the androids of Antimony and Aporia travelled back to the time of Yusei Fudo; while Antimony was meant to help Yusei in his growth so that he would discover a way to fix the catastrophic flaw in the Ener-D's design that would eventually lead to mankind's extermination in the future, the three androids that represent Aporia was sent back in time to complete the Grand Design, which would open a time rift large enough to bring the Divine Temple, Z-one's headquarters built from the ruins of New Domino and Satellite, crashing into New Domino City and destroying it. In doing so, Z-one would take countless lives, but would also destroy all traces if Ener-D in Yusei's time, thus preventing his future from ever occurring. Antinomy's plans contradicted Aporia's own schemes, causing him to become conflicted whether he should continue to follow Z-one's wishes or remain by Yusei's side multiple times.


  • Zone never tried more kind and persuasive methods with the use of time travel as its implied he didn't have enough lifespan left.
  • The order in which he sent the androids of his friends back in time went with Paradox first, Aporia second and Antinomy third.
  • His future (and existence by extension) was nearly nullified by Nightshroud by banishing humanity to the Eorld of Darkness until Jaden Yuki defeated him. So in a way, Zone is succeeding Nightshroud.


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