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Presented by ZAIA.
~ ZAIA's company trademark catchphrase.

ZAIA Enterprise is a massive global business conglomerate with branches in various industries and major antagonists in Kamen Rider Zero-One.

ZAIA was one of the companies who, along with Hiden Intelligence, were responsible for the creation of Daybreak Town, and played a role in the manufacturing of the prototype HumaGears involved in the Daybreak Town Incident, which saw them being hacked by MetsubouJinrai.NET and going on a rampage. They also seem to share a mysterious connection to MetsubouJinrai.NET and the Ark.

They are also the backers of the A.I.M.S. agency set up to combat rogue HumaGears, supplying them with their equipment. Secretly, ZAIA seeks to undermine Hiden Intelligence and lower their stock through inciting panic about HumaGears so they can buy out the tech company and add it to their acquisitions.


ZAIA Enterprise played an unknown role in the creation of Daybreak Town, which was later destroyed during the Daybreak Town Incident when the main factory was destroyed to eliminate the thousands of rogue and rampaging HumaGears that had been hacked.

After A.I.M.S. was set up to combat rogue HumaGears and enforce the AI Laws, Zaia became the main supplier of their equipment. They dispatched their employee Yua Yaiba to serve as AIMS's technical adviser.

After MetsubouJinrai.NET resurfaced 7 years after the Daybreak Town Incident and began hacking HumaGears to turn them into Magia, Zaia had Yua Yaiba abduct the Assassin HumaGear MetsubouJinrai.NET was using and hack it to change the color of its eyes from red, used to designate a HumaGear that has gone rogue or haywire, to blue, used to designate a normal HumaGear. Yua then filmed the footage and sent it into the media, inciting a panic and causing rumors to spread of non-hacked HumaGears going rogue.

Zaia also began development of the Giger to combat rogue HumaGear attacks and sent the schematics to AIMS for them to manufacture them. However, MetsubouJinrai.NET attacked AIMS's base and manually hacked one of the Gigers, turning it into a weapon to be used to hack more HumaGears and turn them into Trilobite Magia.

With Hiden Intelligence's stock sunk due to the MetsubouJinrai.NET crisis, the Japanese branch of ZAIA set in motion a hostile buyout of Hiden Intelligence's stock. They also released their new product, the ZAIASpec, which they boasted could give its users processing power on the level of AI. To boost the sales of ZAIASpec, ZAIA challenged Hiden to a 5 round Workplace Competition between Hiden's HumaGears and humans utilizing the ZAIASpec. After winning 3 out of five rounds, ZAIA triumphed over Hiden and was able to sink their stocks further by forcing ZetsumeRisers onto HumaGears to engineer a Magia attack. ZAIA then finalized its buyout of Hiden's stock and acquired the company.



  • Lyon Arkland/Kamen Rider Zaia - CEO of ZAIA Headquarters/USA Branch
  • Williamson Yotagaki - Chief of R&D / Main Branch Representative / CEO of ZAIA Enterprise Japan
  • Makio Nodachi - Managing Director of ZAIA Enterprise Japan (formerly)

Kamen Riders

  • Gai Amatsu/Kamen Rider Thouser - CEO of ZAIA Enterprise Japan (formerly) / Head of Thouser Department
  • Yua Yaiba/Kamen Rider Valkyrie - Technical Adviser on loan to A.I.M.S. (resigned)

Research and Development Division

Workplace Competition Representatives



  • Sold9 / Dire Wolf SoldMagia
  • Sold20 / Serval Tiger Sold Magia


  • Ark (co-produced with Hiden Intelligence and several other companies)
  • Drivers
    • A.I.M.S. Shotriser
    • ZAIA Thousandriver
    • ZAIA Slashriser
    • Raidriser
  • Weapons
    • Attache Shotgun
    • Attache Arrow
    • Thousand Jacker
  • Giger
  • Solds
  • ZAIASpec
  • Progrisekeys
    • Shooting Wolf Progrisekey
    • Rushing Cheetah Progrisekey
    • Freezing Bear Progrisekey
    • Punching Kong Progrisekey
    • Lighting Hornet Progrisekey
    • Trapping Spider Progrisekey
    • Scouting Panda Progrisekey
    • Fighting Jackal Progrisekey
    • Invading Horseshoe Crab Progrisekey
    • Crrushing Buffalo Progrisekey
    • Splashing Whale Progrisekey
    • Dynamiting Lion Progrisekey
    • Storming Penguin Progrisekey
    • Amazing Hercules Progrisekey
    • Gatling Hedgehog Progrisekey
    • Sparking Giraffe Progrisekey
    • Exciting Stag Progrisekey
  • Zetsumerise Keys
    • Dire Wolf Zetsumerise Key
    • Serval Tiger Zetsumerise Key


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