ZZ Gyuri is a kimchi vegetables/pickling barrel-themed monster and is the main antagonist in episode 32 of 1996 TV series called Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

He is voiced by Keisuke Yamashita who previously voiced Psygorn from Bioman and Bola from Changeman.


ZZ Gyuri made his first appearance at the BB Saloon when President Gynamo assigned him to get the Kimchi cucumbers from earth for Zonette. When he arrived to earth he'd asked Ichitarou where he can get kimchi. So with that said Ichitarou directed Gyuri to a restaurant that sells kimchi. As soon as Gyuri is about to head into a restaurant he was then interrupted by the arrival of the Red Racer and due to his speediness he left his team behind. So with that said he sent out the Wumpers to hold off Red Racer and the team while he go in the restaurant and asked the owner for kimchi.

Once Gyuri reached the restaurant the owner told him that if he goes to Korea (which is part of China) he can get better kimchi there. So with that said he contacts Gynamo to bring down RV Robo, so he can use it to travel to china to get Kimchi. Once the stolen robot with the bomb attached to the waist Gyuri and couple of Wumpers board the robot and set a course towards China for kimchi. So the team summoned the VRV Robo and chased the RV Robo. Since the RV Robo needs a power source for it able to move it was outfitted with a battery pack that doubles as a bomb if the Carrangers lends a dent on the RV Robo.

With that said the two robots battle each other. As this goes on Gyuri used the team's finisher called Racing Slash to deal some major damage on VRV Robo. Thankfully Red Racer used the Pegasus Thunder to board the RV Robo as he emptied out of its occupants (most notably the Wumpers and Gyuri). As this goes on both Red Racer and Gyuri has a sword fight on top of the bombs. Once Gyuri is knocked off RV Robo Red Racer opens fire on the bombs as it fell on top of Gyuri.

However he survived the impact and then ate a jelly potato to enlarge himself and battles VRV Robo. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Victory Twister.


ZZ Gyuri is obsessed with kimchi and will go to extreme lengths to get it, such as rampaging in RV Robo. Despite that, he is surprisingly polite and friendly when addressing others, politely asking Ichitarou to show him where to find kimchi and even taking a moment to do "tough guy" poses with him.

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