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Z Sabre is the 20X6 version of Coach Z from Homestar Runner and the main antagonist of Stinkoman 20X6.


For most of his appearance, Z Sabre is cloaked in shadows. It isn't until the final level that his appearance is fully revealed. being the 20X6 version of Coach Z, Z Sabre has a white face and green body along with a purple cap. Also like Coach Z, Z Sabre has no visible mouth. At the end of the game though, he gets one. Z Sabre also dons a red cape with pauldrons.


Sometime around the start of the game, Z Sabre manages to kidnap Pan Pan. 1-Up attempts to get Stinkoman to do something and help, but Stinkoman ends up being too focused on himself.

As 1-Up goes to the moon in an effort to save Pan Pan himself, he ends up running into Z Sabre who promptly captures him as well.

Afterwards, while Stinkoman is vacationing on cloud world, Z Sabre uses a red button to zap Stinkoman to an ice world in an effort to freeze him to death. When that proves ineffective, he zaps him into a wall, only for Stinkoman to break out and escape into the glitchy negative zone.

There, Stinkoman finds out the one responsible for red buttoning him was the same guy who kidnapped 1-Up and Pan Pan and calls forth the Stinkowing to fly straight to the final level. Upon reaching the tower though he falls asleep after having snacked on some prawn.

Growing impatient over waiting for Stinkoman to enter his lair, Z Sabre drops him straight down a trap door and has him face Worst End Boss Ever. After Stinkoman defeats it, he gives chase before reaching the center of Z Sabre's tower, where Z Sabre reveals himself and starts to overpower Stinkoman until 1-Up tosses him his power crunch granting him the power to defeat Z Sabre.

However, Z Sabre refuses to accept defeat and summons Mecha-Trogador in one last effort to kill Stinkoman claiming "If I can't be the guy, then no one can.

Stinkoman manages to defeat Mecha-Trogador and escape the tower as it collapses. Unknown to the heroes, Z Sabre manages to survive and now has a mouth.


  • Z Sabre bares a lot of similarities to Zero and Sigma from Mega Man X. His name is the same as Zero's signature weapon, and his role in the game, along with his boss fight, are very much like Sigma's.


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