Zachariah Yore is a minor antagonist of the Disney Channel series Phineas and Ferb, appearing only in the episode "Meapless in Seattle". He was an ancient alien tyrant of a planet inhahited by the Meap species.


During Meap's mission to stop Mitch, he exclaim to Phineas, Ferb and their friends that Mitch is after a rare element known as "Cutonium", which is essential to the Meap planet. He explained that eons ago, the planet was ruled by Zachariah Yore, who was a beloved ruler. It was until one day, that Zachariah found an underground vein of pure Cutonium in the forest, that he fused it into himself to become the most cutest person in the planet.

Because of this event, no one was able to withstand Zachariah's cuteness, and Zachariah was able to get what he wants: treasure, glory. Unfortunately, the power and glory all went into his head, effectively becoming a greedy tyant as Mitch would say, "Abosolute cuteness corrupts absolutely". Zachariah then instigated a war on his home planet against those who defy him, and it wasn't until he was defeated and detained by the rebels, who sucked up all the Cutonium away from Zachariah. Deciding that the Cutonium is too dangerous, the rebels sent it off into outer space, and Zachariah is presumably imprisoned for his crimes.


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