Zack Martin is a supporting antagonist in The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.

physical appearance

Zack is described as taller and heavier than anyone else in the seventh grade. Kellen's doodles depict him with a mustache on his upper lip.

He is in the seventh grade, but was held back several times and is fifteen years old.


Zack is introduced when Caroline comes up to Origami Yoda and tells him that Zack broke pencils that belonged to Caroline. Zack had claimed he wanted to show Caroline he could snap pencils one-handed, but broke all three of them. Caroline asks Origami Yoda how she can get Zack to stop acting like this, and Origami Yoda whispers something in Dwight's ear. Dwight then sneaks off to go ambush Zack as the seventh-graders leave lunch. In the ensuing fight, Zack gives Dwight a bruise under his eye. Dwight gets suspended from school while Zack gets an afternoon in ISS.

When Tommy is making his case file, he interviews Zack about the fight. Zack is reluctant to answer Tommy's questions, but when Tommy asks what Zack did during the fight, Zack says, "Yeah this!" and pushes Tommy against the wall.

Dwight later buys new pencils for Caroline to replace the ones Zack broke, as he has a crush on Caroline.

At the Fun Night, it is revealed that Origami Yoda told Dwight that if he got beat up fighting Zack in Caroline's honor, then she'd fall in love with him, which does happen.

Darth Paper Strikes Back

Zack is mentioned when Tommy sees Dwight's referral request that mentions Dwight's "history of violent behavior," referring to Dwight's fight with Zack.

Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus

Zack is seen on Kellen's seating chart, with the words "nobody brave enough" written on the seat next to Zack.

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