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Bad attitude, late, incompetent...but I look forward to working for him someday.
~ George's sarcastic description of Zack.
I think it'll be over...when Carmen gets outta bed to make me a sandwich.
~ Zack confessing his true intentions to George.

Zack Powers is the delinquent, womanizing teenage son of George's boss Mel in The George Lopez Show, serving as the main antagonist in the latter half of season 3. He’s the archenemy of George Lopez and the closest thing the show has to a full-on villain, nearly singlehandedly destroying his daughter Carmen's relationship with her entire family.

He was played by Trevor Wright.


Zack had been kicked out of school and banned from any other educational institute. His father Mel had no choice but to bring him to work at the airplane factory. George took an instant disliking to Zack. While at the factory he was a poor worker and joyfully vandalized the place just to infuriate his father. Throughout this time, he was secretly seeing Carmen behind George's back. Carmen was genuinely falling in love with him, while Zack saw her as nothing as a tool for sex and a way to tick off George. When George figured out what was going on, he confronted Zack on the matter and despicable Zack joyfully said they'll be done as soon as they wake up. George made a go for him, but Ernie held him back to prevent George from getting fired and Zack made his getaway.

Zack soon whisked Carmen away from home. But then she got wise and ditched him in a club in San Francisco. Zack went home to steal more money for the road. But his father caught and forced him back to the factory to tell a detained George where Carmen was. If Carmen was harmed, George would beat Zack into a coma. Zack made a run for it, but not before getting knocked out by Benny with a wrench. Mel apparently then disowned him, as Benny never faced any punishment for hitting his son. His fate is unknown but he has paid the price for his callousness and delinquency.


Zack is a conniving, lawless, loathsome delinquent and takes great pride in being one. He was a womanizer, often praying on girls who have low self-esteem, looking for true love. Hence, George's daughter Carmen was easy prey for him. He had already gotten a girl pregnant beforehand, not even respecting her enough to be safe. He joyfully engaged in vandalism, delinquency and ticking people off. He was well aware of George's disdain towards him and only got involved with Carmen simply to infuriate him. Zack had absolutely no respect for his father Mel or any form of authority. He was confident his father's wealth would ensure he'd have an easy lifestyle.

Judging from Zack's personality traits, he may be an outright sociopath (albeit a low-functioning one). He doesn't care about anyone but himself and shows zero remorse for his actions, seduces two girls for a short time but lacks any charm otherwise, has a history of hedonism and aggression (since he once got busted for stealing a car and punched out a teacher on top of trashing the factory), and is incredibly smug overall.

To make things worse, Zack is both cowardly and moronic. He loves bullying George about his crush on Carmen but then hides or runs away as soon as he becomes the least bit threatening (which happens three times), and is visibly scared when George threatens to beat him into a coma. He also mistakes a headband for a tube top and a shoelace for a thong at one point, telling Carmen to put them on.


  • He could be seen as an evil counterpart to the titular protagonist, since they have the same Freudian Excuse: an absent father combined with a bitter alcoholic mother. The difference between the two is that while George's childhood troubles made him a stern yet gold-hearted family man (which is why he calls out how badly it excuses Zack's actions), Zack inflicts his misery onto others for his own amusement. Also, Zack still had his father around to let him off the hook for his criminal activity several times, whereas George's father completely walked out on him when he was two years old.
  • While nobody calls him as such in-universe, Zack is technically a rapist. He pretends to love the girls he dates (i.e. Carmen and the principal's daughter) just so they'll have sex with him, and then purposely breaks their hearts by ditching them after the deed is done. Having sex with someone under false pretenses is rape by deception.