The Zakoal are the footsoldiers of the Hades Army and Daruga Imperial Army and antagonists of Genseishin Justiriser. They wield silver Kanabou Rods and are used to support the agents of both of the armies.


When Doctor Zora traveled to Earth to unseal Kaiser Hades, she brought along with her several Zakoal to assist her and her Cyber Knights. The Zakoal would go on to serve Kaiser Hades himself, as well as General Bachuss and his Death Commandos after the Kaiser was unsealed.

Following the defeat of Kaiser Hades and destruction of the Hades Army, the Zakoal went on to serve Majin Daruga and his Daruga Imperial Army.

Appearance and Personality

Zakoal are mostly black, with maroon-tinted armor plates attached across their bodies. They start off as fairly comedic enemies, often getting involved in funny situations, but over the course of the series they become much more competent and disciplined, signified by their armor turning to a darker color.


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