Don't tell me but this could be the end?
~ Zanark
Zanark is the main antagonist of the Japanese Oav series Landlock. A tall, imposing and muscled man that wants to obtain the power of the wind in order to conquer the land of Zer’lue.


At the start of the story he send his daughter Agahali to destroy a village and kidnap a boy named Luta, who possesses a mysterious red eye which grants the ability to control the wind.

Later Zanark gives to Agahali the order to lock Luta into his cell so he can later gain his powers, however she disobeyed him and confronted him in his room asking if he was really her father, the latter reveals that he is not her real father and he needs her for his plan.

Agahali tried to use her katana to kill Zanark, however the weapon broke in half when it collided with his body, leading the group of heroes to interrupt the fight and rescue her.

The evil Emperor was not intimidated by recent turns of the events, as he began to track down and later ambush the heroes, extracting the red crystal from Luta and the blue crystal from Agahali.

With the two crystals in his possession, he stabs himself in both eyes with them and gains an even more upgraded form of the power of the wind, creating a giant green creature.

Confronted again by the heroes, he states that he cannot be stopped anymore and the land of Zer’lue was his, but when he saw Ansa with a blue eye, he loses his powers and he is shoot multiple times in the head by Luta, thus killing him.


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