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It is from me that all life is born. It lives only for me. And it shall be returned!
~ Zanza

Zanza is the main antagonist of the video game Xenoblade Chronicles. He and his counterpart named Meyneth created the Bionis and the Mechonis, as the new universe in their own image after Klaus stumbled across a way to create a universe millennia prior to the game's beginning. He is little-known by the residents of the two titans except through stories alone. He is also known to have restarted the world multiple times.

He was voiced by Shintaro Asanuma in the Japanese version and Adam Howden in the English version, who also voiced Shulk. In his initial Giant form on Prison Island, he was voiced by Stephen Greif.



Klaus, along with Galea, was a scientist working in Rhadamanthus, a space station that held a very powerful artifact known as the Conduit. The two lived well lives until a vicious war started happening due to humanity's desire for the Conduit. Klaus tried sort out a way to stop the war finding out that there were multiple interconnected universes. He decided to use the Conduit create a new universe where humanity can escape, become more powerful, and the war would stop. But in the process, Klaus opened up numerous portals around the planet causing many people to disappear, his body was also split in two. As a result, his evil half "Zanza" was born, who was sent to the new dimension, Zanza became the God known as Bionis. 

The Downfall of the Two Titans

Bionis represented life, growth and the natural world. It wielded a huge and mighty sword of light known as the Monado. The Bionis gave rise to a near-human species called Homs, a form of humans set to live on the Bionis as humans did on Earth. Other species included little furry creatures called Nopons and Homs with wings on their heads known as High Entia.

The Mechonis, on the other hand, was controlled by Galea, who was reborn as "Meyneth". Mechonis represented intelligence, technology, and strength. Its weapon is unknown but it is known that it wielded an unnamed sword, similar to the Bionis. The Mechonis gave rise to a species of bio-mechanical organisms known as Machina.

Both titans were controlled by a mysterious substance known to the Homs as Ether. Both Zanza and Meyneth's powers depended on a surplus of Ether collected from the deceased denizens of each titan, and when Ether ran out, Zanza was forced to restart the universe once again.

It was a never-ending cycle of birth, life, death, and re-birth on a universal scale. Life was peaceful and uneventful, until Zanza decided to destroy the Machina race, the Mechonis, and Meyneth to obtain her Monado, the Instrument of Creation, so that there would be no need for the life of Bionis.

Zanza took control of giant named Arglas and released and unprovoked attack with the Bionis' sword while sending creatures known as Telethia on Mechonis, who was forced to fight back. The two titans were locked in a timeless sword-fight, until, one day, both giants delivered a fatal blow to the other, and Meyneth fell into a state of hibernation. Zanza's flesh, Arglas' body, however, was confined by the ancient High Entia to Prison Island. While his soul rested in his shrunken sword, which was placed in Ose Tower, awaiting for a new vessel to be born. Zanza also left behind three disciples, Dickson, Lorithia, and Alvis, promising them eternal life in his next world.


Let the shackles be released!
~ Zanza
I sense a storm on the horizon.
~ Zanza
Heh ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is the passage of fate!
~ Zanza
A god should not long for friendship.
~ Zanza
How? How can you have visions?
~ Zanza
Mine is the one true Monado, instrument of destruction... and rebirth!
~ Zanza
This world only needs one god, Meyneth.
~ Zanza to Lady Meyneth.
The Homs are nothing but bacteria clinging to my body!
~ Zanza
There is no longer any need for the life of Bionis.
~ Zanza
Using one's power to change the world. That is a right possessed only by gods.
~ Zanza
Can it be? A Monado?!
~ Zanza
A third Monado has appeared. How can this have happened?! YOU ARE MERE MORTALS!
~ Zanza
How? The power of a god cannot be overcome.
~ Zanza
All that I am is fading. The memories of a god's existence, born from the chaos of creation. It is...vanishing...
~ Zanza's final words.
Ridiculous. It's perfectly safe. We are about to bear witness to the birth of a universe. Once, only a god could perform such a miracle. But today, mankind move one step closer to the divine!
~ Klaus before becoming Zanza.





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