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Zara is a major antagonist in The Final Spark, book 7 of the Michael Vey series. She is one of Hatch's Glows and has the ability to duplicate the powers of other Glows.


Zara was one of the first electric children that was found by the Elgen. She played with Nichelle and Quentin as a child, but was later hidden away by Hatch when he realized how useful her powers were.

She finally shows up in the seventh book, when Hatch has once again recaptured the Electroclan. Hatch has Zara take the powers of each member of the Electroclan, and is surprised to discover that Taylor can read minds. Hatch uses Zara, who now has that ability, to read Cassy's mind and discover where Christmas Ranch is. Zara also discovers that Carl Vey, Michael's father, is still alive.

Later, when Michael returns to save his friends, Hatch orders Zara to stop him. But Michael fries Zara with his electricity, turning her into a pile of ashes.


  • Zara's existence was alluded to since the first book (with her being the seventeenth Glow), but she doesn't show up until towards the end of Book Seven.


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