Zara is a minor villain from the cartoon Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm. She only appears in the episode "Swords of Ilkan".


Zara is a skilled warrior but she has an obsession towards power. Princess Kitana viewed the obsession as a threat to Earthrealm. She banished Zara to a dimension which became her new home. Eventually, her dimension is conquered by Shao Kahn and he merges it with Outworld. Because Zara's military is weakened by Kahn's forces, she turns to Kitana. The princess is hesitant to help the warrior who she banished. When Kitana discovers Shao Kahn is involved, she helps Zara. Later, Zara finds the first sword of Ilkan. She uses it to fight Kitana and the defenders of Earthrealm. She then uses the sword to capture Jax and hold him inside a sphere. Zara demands Kitana find the remaining sword for her to be undisputed ruler of the realms. Kitana recovers the second sword. Both of the warriors engage a fight. Zara attempts to use her sword but is defeated. Kitana opens a rift into a void and sends Zara there. Kitana uses the swords to free Jax before she destroys them.


Zara is willing to betray her comrades in order to gain the Swords of Ilkan. After she was banished by Kitana, she developed a great deal of hate towards the Princess.


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