The Demonlord Zarak

Zarak is the main villain from WeaponLord.


During the age of conquerors, a great war happened between the war kings. On this battlefield, a mercenary loses his life, but his body is possessed by a demon spirit. Rising from the dead, he challenges one of the war kings for a duel, defeating him with a single blow and claiming his empire. 20 days later, and he had already defeated all remaining war kings and united the lands under his own rule. He thus became known as the Demonlord Zarak, ruling the lands with an iron fist.

At the height of his power, a tribal shaman prophesized his doom:

"When the night turns violent and the moon bleeds, gripped by the skeletal fingers of death...a child will rise to face the demon in combat...and the lord of demons will fall by the hand of...the WeaponLord."

His lieutenants advise him to kill all children born that night. Zarak, however, is thrilled by the thought of a brave warrior who could kill him, so he decides to wait and face his foretold killer on a fair combat. 25 years later, Zarak senses the time of the prophecy is at hand, so he holds a great tournament, granting the winner the honor of facing him in a final battle. The Demonlord prepares to meet his destiny head on and to destroy the WeaponLord.

Six brave warriors enter the tournament, each one with their own motives. The battles rage on, and finally only one warrior stands. Zarak invites the warrior to his personal arena, where they face each other in a fight to the death. Zarak finally falls to the might of the prophesized warrior.

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