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Zaria is an anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star. As a servant of KING, he cruelly controls a village and expects tributes in food. He also turns the villagers into his slaves obedient to him.

Kenshiro first learns of him when Zaria's goons harass a girl named Karen. When the henchmen fail, Zaria uses his Nanto Ansho Ken (South Star Dark Bell Fist) to execute them. With Kenshiro resting in the town, Zaria uses his cathedral bell and his abilities to brainwash the village into killing Ken. He also uses Karen to send Rin to Zaria's hideout.

Zaria confronts Kenshiro when he kills his black hooded goons in the cathedral. However, the madman has Rin as leverage against the Hokuto Shinken successor and would make her fall to her death if Ken made sudden moves. He paralyzes Kenshiro with his magic, then makes his dead goons zombies to tear him apart. Rin awakens from the enchantment and cries out to her friend, then Kenshiro disables Zaria's magic and it kills the goons yet again.

With no way out, Zaria decides to take Karen and Rin to death with him, but Kenshiro stops him and beats him with the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken, blasting off his wig and glasses. Strapped to a cross outside, Ken tells him the bell would be ringing for his death. As his skin turns through necrosis, lightning strikes Zaria, destroying the cathedral and crumbling him to dust.

Powers and Abilities

Using Nanto Ansho Ken, Zaria uses his bell to intensify sound waves that will kill victims. He can also brainwash innocent people to target others.


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