Zasalamel is a villain from the Soul Calibur series of fighting games. He is a powerful immortal who seeks mortality. Although his goal is not evil, his means of achieving it makes him villainous. He serves as the main antagonist of Soul Calibur 3, and a redeemed anti-hero in Soul Calibur 4.


He wields a tall scythe that he is quite powerful with being able to break his opponent's guard and even use it to make his opponents armor rip off quicker than most enemies.


His first appearance was in Soul Calibur 3 where he fought the player in a clock tower the middle of the story mode, and appeared at the end of the campaign, where you have to fight him after he gets possessed by the evil sword Soul Edge, and becomes a demonic monster named Abyss.

In his endings in Soul Calibur 3 he can either cure himself of his immortality, or fail at in.

In Soul Calibur 4 he becomes redeemed, and embraces his immortality. In his ending he absorbs the powers of both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and becomes an observer, who watches as humanity advances into the future.


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