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Zasz is a Cerebrate of the Zerg Swarm and a major antagonist in the real time strategy video game StarCraft.

He was voiced by Bill Roper.


Zasz was one of the Cerebrates created by the Overmind from its own consciousness to command the different Broods of the Zerg. During the Great War, Zasz advised a new Cerebrate produced to safeguard the chrysalis holding Sarah Kerrigan. Once the new Cerebrate had matured to be strong enough, Zasz had the new Cerebrate transport the chrysalis to Char.

There, the Zerg faced attacks from several Terran factions and the Protoss, who were drawn by the psionic emissions coming from the chrysalis. Zasz's forces first fought against a Terran Dominion attack force led by General Edmund Duke. After moving the chrysalis to a more secure location, the Zerg were attacked by Raynor's Raiders. Eventually, the Swarm was able to drive off the attacking forces and allow the chrysalis to hatch.

Upon her awakening, Kerrigan desired to attack the Amerigo and obtain the means to free herself the ghost conditioning that was inhibiting her from fully expressing her psionic powers. Zasz initially objected, seeing it as something that only benefited her and not the Swarm, but after being assured by the Overmind that Kerrigan's wishes were within the will of the Swarm, Zasz agreed to provide assistance. The raid was successful and Kerrigan was able to break her conditioning.

Kerrigan later received an offer from Tassandar for a one-on-one duel. Though Zasz detected something off about the Protoss leader, Kerrigan refused to heed his advice and went off to fight him. As Kerrigan was battling with the illusion of Tassandar, the Dark Templar Zeratul approached Zasz and claimed to know of Kerrigan's weakness. Intrigued, Zasz let its guard down and provided Zeratul a chance to strike, which Zeratul used to attack and slay the Cerebrate.


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