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The Zattan are a race of ancient dinosaurs and the previous rulers of the Yomi Kingdom. They are the secondary antagonists of the "Underground Empire of Yomi" arc in Cyborg 009.


The Zattan were one of the two races who lived in the Yomi Kingdom. They forced the other Yomi race, the Pu'Awak people, into slavery via their hypnosis. However, they were driven out of the kingdom by Black Ghost, whose cyclopean drones exterminated most of the Zattan.

The remaining Zattan went into hiding. When the 00 cyborgs entered the underground kingdom to stop Black Ghost, the Zattan hypnotized cyborgs 002, 003, 005 and 009 to assist them in reclaiming the kingdom.

The Zattan later launched an attack against Black Ghost's forces. While faring well in the beginning they were all destroyed when Skull used the newly completed Demon Statue to obliterate them, bringing an end to the Zattan race.


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