Zaurus is a wolf-themed Cyber Knight serving under Doctor Zora and an antagonist in the first two episodes of Genseishin Justirisers.


Zaurus accompanied Dr. Zora to Earth to track down Kaiser Hades' tomb. He destroyed the crystalline structure surrounding it, allowing Zora to have direct access to the machine that sealed Hades.

Zaurus was later sent by Zora to begin the attack on Earth. He commanded a squadron of Zakoal and soon encountered Shouta. Shouta attempted to fend them off with a bumper guard, but Zaurus easily sliced most of the pole off, prompting Shouta to run away.

Zaurus later confronted Shouta again while he was with Yuka. Shouta asked that Zaurus let Yuka go, but as she was running away, Zaurus attacked her, calling Shouta a fool for thinking he'd let her go. Shouta then transformed into Riser Glen to fight Zaurus, defeating the wolf knight with a Raging Flame.