Zava is a boss from Ys II: The Final Chapter and a major villainess in the prequel Ys Origin.


Ys Origin

Zava is a member of the Clan of Darkness and the right hand of Dalles. After being given a portion of the demonic essence, Zava learns to control the demons and starts collecting them, treating them as her own pets. She follows Dalles onto the Darm Tower, where she is tasked to keep the heroes at bay, setiing various magical traps around the floors of the tower.

Zava constantly crosses paths with the heroes throughout the tower. When playing with Yunica Tovah or Hugo Fact, she will show up in the Rado's Annex, where she will summon the demon Jenocres to confront them. After Jenocres is defeated Dalles orders her to leave the annex to continue with the preaparations for his ritual. She appears again at the end of the Hall of Illusions, where she summons the demons Yogleks and Omulgun to help her confront the heroes. In both Yunica and Hugo's paths she ends defeated and turns into dust.

When playing with Toal Fact, she will constantly chastise him for slaying her demon familiars. When Toal defeats her she uses her demonic essence to transform and keep summoning demons, but Toal is then helped by the knights, who keep her busy while he proceeds to the higher levels of the tower. It is revealed later she was defeated and killed by them.

Ys II: The Final Chapter

Much like Dalles, Zava is also revived when Darm reemerges. She is first seen on a room of the Solomon Shrine, where she discusses with some demons measures to capture Adol, who had infiltrated the place. Adol confronts her on the entrance to the Campanile of Lane, where Dalles was making human sacrifices, finishing her for good.


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