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Galactic Fang Zaza is an elite soldier of the Zone Army serving as a bodyguard to Doldora and a supporting antagonist in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

She was staunchly loyal to Doldora, and was used by her to carry out her dirty work. She also develops a rivalry with FiveYellow.

She was portrayed by Motoko Watanabe.


Zaza was hatched from an egg and converted into a cyborg by Doldora to serve as her subordinate. Along with her master, Zaza participated in the Zone attack on the planet Sidon where they first encountered the Hoshikawa siblings.

Zaza and the other Zone members would later launch an attack on Earth, where they encountered the Hoshikawa siblings again, now all grown up. To repel the Zone invasion, the Hoshikawa siblings trained to become the Fiveman so they'd have the power to fight off Zone. Over the course of the series, Zaza would against FiveYellow several times and develop a rivalry with her.

After the leader of Zone, Galactic Empress Meadow, was revealed to be an illusion created by Zone's supposed Vulgyre, Zaza stood in shock along with the other Zone members. When Vulgyre attempted to forcefully transform Doldora into a Galactic Warrior, Zaza stood in front of her master to protect her, but ended up being fused into the combined beast, Baradorugin.



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