Too bad, I'm coming anyway. Go ahead, try to stop me.
~ Zdrada.

Zdrada is a minor antagonist in Helltaker. She is the female demon that the titular Helltaker encounters on the fifth stage to obtain his demon harem. Zdrada stylized herself with a moniker known as The Bitch Demon. She is the sister of one of the demons in Helltaker, Malina, and essentially serves as a foil towards her being a happy-go lucky, outgoing and a rebellious yet smug demon who prefers to stay cool and badass unlike her own sister. Zdrada also loves to smoke a lot.


Zdrada appears as a woman with short white hair, black horns on her head and seemingly tired eyes. She also wears some piercings in both of her ears, her mouth, a black choker and a cross necklace that were usually worn by Christian devotees befitting to her rebellious and easygoing nature. In addition, unlike other demons, she doesn't wear a suit and instead has a red shirt, a black glove on the right side of her arm and a bracelet on the left side of her arm.


Most of the time, Zdrada appears as an outgoing yet rebellious demon who tends to be a condescending jerk towards other people and disregard every rules or people's wishes so long as it benefited her. This is shown by her treatment towards her younger sister, Malina, as she has no hesitation to belittle or embarrass her by telling several dirty secrets or at the very least, telling the Helltaker to kill himself. Even after joining his harem, she is proven to be hard to control due to her rebellious nature who disregards every house manner and rule while also showing her masochistic tendencies towards the Helltaker, as she taunts him to punish her for being a bad girl. Each sister had their own addiction, with Malina being addicted to alcohol and turn-based games while Zdrada is shown to be a heavy smoker.


Zdrada appears in the fifth stage of the game. When encountering the Helltaker for the first time, she becomes intrigued after hearing what he is trying to accomplish by building a demon harem and decides to join the gang much to Malina's annoyance. If the Helltaker says it "isn't really a harem anymore," and that they "just play turn-based strategy," Zdrada becomes disgusted by it and decides to put the Helltaker out of his misery, according to her, by killing him with a knife buried deep between his ribs.

However, if the Helltaker expresses he thinks he will regret it, Zdrada decides to join the harem by her own will and tells the Helltaker that he can not do anything about it. While playing a minor role on the next stages, when the Helltaker asks Zdrada for advice on Stage 6, she simply tells him to kill himself by stepping on the spikes.

Due to their conflicting beliefs and personality, Malina becomes annoyed by Zdrada's behavior which results in Zdrada telling the Helltaker several embarrassing secrets about her sister's interest with turn-based strategy games which in turn, results in Malina asking him to kill either her or her sister to end her misery. If the Helltaker decides to kill himself by stepping on the spikes thanks to Zdrada's advice, Pandemonica attempts to stop him to no avail. However, if he decides to kill both of the sister, Pandemonica stops him and mentions that he will get use to their bickering sooner or later.

When the Helltaker has a hard time in sabotaging the sin machine implemented by Judgement, she mocks Malina by saying that she was cursed considered she perceives the Helltaker as nothing but another nerd just like her. Towards the end of the game, as the Helltaker and his brand new companions that he made in Hell successfully return home, when he offers her some pancakes, Zdrada tries to smoke before eating and when the Helltaker considers punishing her, she instead embraces it and taunts him into following through while telling the Helltaker to go away.

In the comics, where Helltaker wasn't trapped in the Abyss alongside Beelzebub, it is shown that Zdrada annoys the Helltaker by smoking near him until the Helltaker tells Zdrada to smoke near the window. When Pandemonica sat beside the Helltaker, Zdrada then ends up smoking near the window, making Helltaker puzzled and asks if Pandemonica had done something to her. It was then revealed that Zdrada was a bit scared with Pandemonica a little bit as she can show her sadistic tendencies towards her if she doesn't stay as a good girl.

In the ending where Helltaker gets captured in the Abyss, Zdrada then notices that Azazel bought a black hair dye to color her hair as it was revealed that her hair suddenly turns to whitish-grey while Azazel herself contemplating about the scary stories that was told towards her by the Heavenly Church to keep students in check regarding Fallen Angels and claims it was a fairy tale. Knowing that Azazel is facing a slow transformation into becoming a Fallen Angel, Zdrada then told her the truth in which Azazel still tries to be in denial about it and claims that Zdrada works for the church after revealing the truth.



  • Zdrada's name means "betrayal" in Polish, befitting her rebellious and outgoing characterization and using Christian faith to rebel against Hell itself.
  • The player obtains an achievement if they listen to Zdrada's request for the player to kill themselves.
  • Out all of the demons, she, Lucifer, Judgement and Beelzebub are the only ones who have animated sprites.
  • Out all of the demons, according to Vanripper, Zdrada was the hardest character to create due to how he had difficulties on writing a masochistic or even deciding a fitting character design, the point he thought that she badly needed a redesign.

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