Zebra (anime2)

Zebra is a minor villain in Fist of the North Star.

He first appears swinging his axe and chain at Hyo and Kuroyasha. The two duck but some of their men are bisected. While Hyo stops the axe, Zebra's chain is wrapped around Hyo's neck while the Asura wickedly taunts that the Rasho's current state is weakening and he will kill him under Kaioh's orders.

Zebra also warns that Lin's Shikanhaku pressure point was pressed,She was then released into the wilderness and when she wakes up, she'll fall in love with the first man she lays eyes on, whether good or evil.

With Hyo still chained up, Zebra taunts about the idea of dragging around the country like a dog chained down. But Hyo, remembering how he turned Kaioh into a demon shakes off the humiliation and breaks the chain.

Zebra then attempts to strike Hyo, but he uses some of his remaining strength to dodge. The Rasho then grabs Zebra by the helmet and pushes him into the ground, with the Asura cursing at how Hyo can have so much power even with his injuries and his face is fatally caved in.

Powers and Abilities

Zebra can uses axes attached to chains to cut through foes, and if that fails, he can chain his opponents by the neck to drag along the ground.

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