Zed is one of the two secondary antagonists of the animated film Planes. He is Ned's twin brother, and an enemy of Dusty Crophopper.

He is voiced by Gabriel Iglesias.


In the movie, Ned & Zed were first shown introducing Ripslinger in the qualifiers for the WATG Rally, then later on during the WATG Rally, they were involved in sabotaging Dusty in the Pacific Ocean.

During the final run, both Ned and Zed go after Dusty after Skipper goes after Ripslinger, in the end, both brothers end up getting stuck between two rocks.

It is completely unknown what happened to them afterwards, but it's implied that as they cheated, Dusty most likely didn't reported their fate to the authorities, leaving them stucked in the rocks allowing them to unclog to fall to their deaths killing them. Ripslinger, anyway, doesn't regret for his henchmen's whereabouts, leading him to lose the career to Dusty.

In the videogame, but only shown in the console version, both Ned & Zed have minor roles in the game. They attempted to make Dusty lose a one-on-one race against Ripslinger in Dubai using smoke, and were involved in sabotaging the Diwali festival by hiding Ishani's fuel and scaring away the pitties involved in the festival.


Zed has a white body with green wings and decorations, his racing number is #00, his wingspan is 20.3 feet (6.2 meters), and due to the fact he is part of Team RPX, he uses a Skyslycer Mark 5 propeller, though his is a single propeller with two blades.


Out of the two brothers, Zed is the talkative one who often likes to bad-mouth Dusty, and not so bright, often getting hit by his boss Ripslinger, or Ned.


  • Zed was the one who broke Dusty Crophopper's antenna.
  • Zed is described as the rowdy & reckless one.
  • He & Ned are known as the "Twin Turbos"
  • He and Ned are twin brothers from New Zealand.
  • His flying style is aggressive, and dangerous.


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