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Your fist technique is just as strong as a mosquito! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!! (Kenshiro: You are already dead.) What?! *pressure point effect* You've got to be kidding... *explodes*
~ Zeed's last words after being hit by Kenshiro's Hokuto Hundred Crack Fist in one of the series' most infamous scenes

Zeed is the very first villain in Fist of the North Star.


Zeed leads his gang to kill villagers who are travelling and steals all their goods. Suddenly, Zeed's reconnaissance patrol is attacked. As Zeed investigates the opened blasts in his dead henchmen, one of them tells his boss of the Fist of the North Star before his head explodes. Zeed decides to chase after this man who used the technique that killed his men.

Zeed then leads his gang to attack Lin's village and takes Lin herself hostage threatening to villagers to give up their goods or he'll twist her head off. Just as the villagers are about to resist, Kenshiro comes out of his cell and hears Lin's voice crying out to him.

Kenshiro kicks the goons with nothing happening at first, but then the thugs explode from their power points being hit hard.

Having seen this, Zeed almost twists Lin's head, but Kenshiro bombards the bandit with the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken and saves the little girl. At first, Zeed recovers thinking Kenshiro's fists and Zeed attempt to attack Kenshiro but he told him you're already dead, and Zeed as cut in two parts the ground while the part above. It is with his death the immortal and the most famous quote from Kenshiro is born: "You are already dead."

In the anime, it is established that Zeed is allies with Shin.

In Toki Gaiden, Zeed is ordered by Amiba to raid the Village of Miracles. After a hard fight, Toki, Juza and the villagers turn them back, with Toki wiping Zeed's memory with the Hokuto Kyomu Shidan.

Powers and Abilities

Zeed is a brute that had relied on physical strength. In Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage, he will use clubs.



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