I finally came back for you Rachel. I'm going to twist your back like mine, so you'll never get out of bed again.
~ Zelda appearing in one of Rachel's nightmares

Zelda Goldman is a supporting antagonist in the film and novel Pet Sematary.


Zelda was the older sister of Rachel. She was born with a spinal illness, which caused her to look disfigured and unable to care for herself. The goldmans had to feed and do everything for her and kept her hidden from other people. Zelda was a huge burden over the entire family and ruined Rachel's childhood. They all secretly hoped she would just die, so both her and them wouldn't have to suffer anymore.

One night when Rachel was alone and brought Zelda food, she started choking. Rachel was in shock and didn't know what to do. She knew her parents would think she killed her, because she did truly despise Zelda. She looked terrifying while she died, but Rachel simply ran away and left her. Since then Zelda still appears in her nightmares her and she sometimes fears that she might not actually be dead.

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