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The Queen may be evil, but I'm wicked....and wicked always wins.
~ Zelena
That would be a bit too, well, evil for my tastes. No. I've got to show my daughter who her mommy is. Wicked.
~ Zelena to the Evil Queen.

Zelena, better known as the Wicked Witch Of The West, is the secondary antagonist turned anti-hero in ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is the main antagonist in the second half of Season 3, the secondary antagonist of Season 4, the secondary antagonist-turned-anti-hero of Season 5 as well as one of the main antagonists in the first half of the flashback timeline in Season 5 (along with King Arthur), a major antagonist-turned-major anti-hero in Season 6, and a supporting protagonist in Season 7. She is the first-born of Cora and maternal half-sister of Regina Mills.

Zelena is based on The Wicked Witch Of The West from the children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. She also based on Persephone of Greek Myth

She was portrayed by Rebecca Mader.


† = deceased

  • Cora † (mother)
  • Jonathan (father)
  • The Woodcutter (adoptive father)
  • The Woodcutter's wife † (adoptive mother)
  • Prince Henry † (stepfather)
  • Regina Mills (maternal half-sister)
  • Henry Mills (adoptive nephew)
  • Robin (daughter)
  • Lucy Mills/Vidrio (adopted great-niece)

Powers and Abilities

  • Dark Magic: Zelena is a magical prodige, able to perform magic even as a baby, after lessons from Rumplestiltskin she is very powerful in the ways of Dark Witchcraft, being more powerful than her half-sister and even her mother.
    • Telekinesis: Zelena is able to levitate and manipulate objects and people with her mind. She can levitate her foes, push them away or even choke them by focusing her telekinetic energy on their throat.
    • Teleporting: Zelena is able to transport herself from one place to another in an instant. She will usually disappear in a vloud of green smoke and emerge from the same green smoke at the place she is transporting herself to.
      • Conjuration: Zelena possesses the ability to conjure almost anything out of thin air or she can unconjure an object by making them vanish into thin air, usually accompanied by a cloud of green smoke that the conjured item will emerge.
    • Pyrokinesis: Zelena can ignite flames on candles or put them out with a wave of her hand and she can also conjure balls of fire from her hands, she is even able to conjure green fireballs with ease.
    • Transformation: Zelena can transform objects and people from one thing into another, such as turning a man into a flyimg monkey or reducing a Munchkin to a pile of ash with a wave of her hand.
    • Ripping Out Hearts: Like many Dark Sorcerers, Zelena possesses the ability to rip out any living being's heart and can either crush it in her hand to kill them instantly or to control them with their own heart.
      • Protected heart: She placed a protection spell on her heart so it cannot be ripped out, although Peter Pan almost did it.
    • Shape-shifting: Zelena possesses the ability to take the form of any person she thinks of, usually a cloud of green smoke will engulf her when she is transforming into another or transforming back to herself.
    • Enchanting: Zelena also possesses the ability to enchant objects and people such as enchanting an amulet to act as a Glamour Spell to be able to take the form of another person while in a world without magic or she can immobilize a whole group of people with just a wave of her hand.
    • Holographic Duplication: Zelena has the power to multiply her self with holograms.
  • Flight: Zelena has the power to fly via broom stick
  • Flying monkeys: Zelena control over her flying monkeys


  • Zelena is the second most recurring antagonist (behind Rumplestiltskin), first being the main antagonist for the second-half of Season 3 and the secondary antagonist for Season 4, Season 5, and Season 6.
  • Zelena parallels her evil half-sister in many ways:
    • At first sweet and kind, the actions of their social climbing mother Cora gave them unhappy lives (Zelena raised by a disdainful father figure after Cora abandoned her to rise out of peasantry; Regina forced into an unwanted, loveless marriage with a king after Cora kills her true love) and soon became sociopathic terrorists like she was (the Wicked Witch; the Evil Queen).
    • They were students of Rumplestiltskin, who taught them magic and diminished the last of their innocence.
    • Even though their mother was to blame for their hardships, they direct their anger out on a specified individual (Zelena envies Regina for getting everything as Cora's kept daughter; Regina holds a grudge against her step-daughter Snow White for telling to Cora about her secret relationship with Daniel the stable boy) and reeked havoc on the innocent of a realm (Zelena terrorizes the denizens of Oz; Regina terrorizes the subjects of her kingdom in the Enchanted Forest).
    • They were given a chance of redemption, but they both turned it down and resume their villainy (Zelena's resentment of Dorthy causes her to be jealous again and go back to her plan of changing her past; Regina still tries to kill Snow, despite the latter stopping her execution, and gets another idea of ruining her happiness by casting the Dark Curse).
    • After their defeat in Storybrooke, they are given a chance of redemption, which they botched more than once. But with love for their child (Baby Robin; Henry), they redeem themselves; although Zelena took more time.
  • There is a bicycle with a basket in Zelena's porch, which references Miss Gulch, the Wicked Witch of the West's Kansas counterpart, from the 1939 The Wizard of Oz film, who has a similar bicycle.
  • The chest where she keeps David's sword and Regina's heart has "To: W. B S[image ends] 14-25-27th West" written on the lid.
  • The fact that she was impregnated by Robin Hood against his knowledge (he didn't know she wasn't Marian) makes her similar to her mother Cora, as they were both with child that was conceived illegitimately.
  • Alchemical signs for the four elements are carved into the table and the stone pillars where Zelena and her fellow sister witches are gathered. Fittingly enough, the element of Wicked Witch of the West (downward-pointing triangle) is water, which is also associated with the west.
  • The design on Zelena's compass is the same as the witches' table in Oz except that the colors are different. The back on the chairs around the table and the illustration on the cover of the Book of Records have the same design.
  • The book Zelena is reading at the psychiatric ward is What to Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff.
  • Despite that her adoptive mother seemed to love her, Zelena had no qualms against changing her past so that they never met, without counting she still sees Cora as her mother.
  • It is unknown whether or not she knows (or cares) who her biological father is as she is mostly focused on her mother. Though, despite their mutual hatred for each other, she still see's the woodcutter as her father.


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